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Dota 2 freezes and won't start at all

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  • Dota 2 freezes and won't start at all

    After numerous attempts, after the September 10th update, I couldn't start Dota 2. Every single time, it froze on the first loading screen, not even getting to the main menu.
    Prior to that update, even after the switch to Dota 2 Reborn, the game ran with no issues.

    I can see that the HDD ramps up when I start the game (I have a program to monitor in real time, as you can see on the bottom right of my monitor in the first screenshot - blue is CPU, green is RAM, orange is HDD and yellow is Network), after which it suddenly ramps back down with no indication as to why.

    I tried deleting all my launch/autoexec options, reinstalling, using the -autoconfig and -safe launch options (separately), just starting the game over and over again, but all to no avail.

    Most of the time, all I see is the black screen with the red logo in the middle. Every so often, if I'm lucky, I get to see part of the main menu (example below):
    Sometimes even these will partially come into view, for example, only half of the Play Dota button would be visible before it freezes.

    The major problem, apart from the game not starting at all, is that after it freezes, I can't even force close it. I need to restart my PC.

    The window stays open and I can't do anything else while it's running. I can technically End Task in the Processes tab, which visually closes the window, but it still remains there, stuck, taking up resources.

    After a while, sometimes a few hours, sometimes less, the process would mysteriously disappear from the list, resulting in me being able to try again without restarting the computer.

    I am running an i5-4440, using the Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics (with the latest driver), 4GB RAM and Windows 8.1 with the latest updates.
    I also tried installing the latest DirectX 9.0c (I read somewhere this might cause some issues), but I already have the newest version installed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Got similar problem. Just played it yesterday, now when I launch, it loads to the menu, the ads start load and then crashes to desktop without any message.


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      try end process tree to get all ended
      you may want to try opengl also wait a few min to see what happens
      clear your launch option too
      Full PC Specs :


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        This looks exactly as the freeze generated by eset "smart" security firewall a few days ago, that since was fixed.
        Please share your security software name (both AV/firewall).
        Troubleshooting crashes
        Dota 2 Resources: autoexec.cfg reference / benchmark.cfg / Tweak it yourself (launch options, cvars) / useful batch files
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          @Sorena - I tried end process, end process tree, OpenGL, waiting for several minutes, but all to no avail. As I wrote in my first post, my launch options were cleared. I appreciate the input though.

          @aveyo - However, it looks exactly like the freeze generated by the eset smart security firewall because that's what it was. Based on your post, I tried starting the game with the firewall disabled and it worked. With it enabled it froze again.
          After a software PC restart, I made sure both dota2 and steam client bootstrapper both had in and out traffic allowed (just in was allowed, but I thought I'd also allow out just in case). I also read your post on the Eset topic and made sure dota2.exe was also in the trusted application group (only steam and steam client bootstrapper were).
          I really didn't want to start setting up my firewall again and thankfully this worked without having to go through the method you listed.

          My guess is the eset firewall had a problem with the frequent updates to the game so it decided to block it.

          Thanks for all the help. I wish this forum had a plus, thumbs up or rep button.

          FIXED - for all other people who might read this.
          Last edited by vitesse; 09-19-2015, 08:54 AM.