Hi, i need help whit a problem.
Even before the Reborn, i had like ping or packet loss all time. Now whit the reborn, i had 2k ping and packet loss almost all time. Sometimes, random, i can play regulary.
I call to my Internet Provider, and the only solution for this problem was giving priority to the servers and working on the ports, but isnt work.
I dont know what to do, i acctualy try a lot stuffs to solve this problem, but nothing.
There is anything that i can try to improve or know where is the problem?
I reinstall Steam, Dota 2 and nothing changes.
Its weird, because i can play another Online games beside of Steam, and the Internet for the other stuffs seems to work well.
It seems to be a Steam problem, because i had similar problems whit the Cs:Go.
Well, i hope somebody can help me.