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Is it possible to have advanced Dota 2 Server Options? (High Ping Issue)

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  • Is it possible to have advanced Dota 2 Server Options? (High Ping Issue)

    Hello fellow Dota 2 players.
    I am from Greece and Greece is well-known for it's terrible ISP.
    Specifically i have an issue,finding a game where i won't experience an annoying ammount of delay or some rare and random packet loss.
    I play Dota for 8 years and back in Dota 1,i didn't have any issue with ping,because Greece had greek channels and we were close to each other and played together Greeks vs Greeks from Greece with Greek servers. Ping was never an issue in Dota 1,unless someone was using my internet to view videos online etc. reduce my bandwith.

    So my issue is,that in Dota 2,ever since the beta 2-3 years ago,i've had issue with at least 2/10 games having delay for me, and I have no option to change that.Currently it's gotten worse and i've been playing 6/10 games with a significant ammount of delay.

    So what i've noticed all this time,is that in Europe West i get better ping than Europe East,but only 1/2 Europe west servers has proper ping with no noticable delay for me.
    Specifically these are my ping results from cmd:

    -----------Server-----------------Average ping(m/s) on cmd with ping command---------
    1) - Europe East 1 (Vienna, Austria) 72
    2) - Europe East 2 (Vienna, Austria) 75
    3) - Europe West 1 (Luxembourg) 85
    4) - Europe West 2 (Luxembourg) 70

    Now,i know some of you might think"Wtf is this guy saying?Those pings are perfectly normal and have no noticable delay,in a game like dota."

    But in game ping gets worse for some reason and it's not the same as the cmd shows and i can experience up to 0.5sec-1.5sec delays,meaning i click my hero to move to a position and he stands in awe for a noticable ammount of time ,before initiating his movement/spell etc.

    -----------Server------------------------- ping(m/s) in game with -ping command--------------
    1) - Europe East 1 (Vienna, Austria) 45
    2) - Europe East 2 (Vienna, Austria) 45-66
    3) - Europe West 1 (Luxembourg) 66-70
    4) - Europe West 2 (Luxembourg) 33

    --Server--Actual Average ping(m/s) in-game ping command from the in-game console---
    1) - Europe East 1 (Vienna, Austria) 115
    2) - Europe East 2 (Vienna, Austria) 130
    3) - Europe West 1 (Luxembourg) 140
    4) - Europe West 2 (Luxembourg) 100

    I've also noticed that in the daily hours (10:00-16:30) i usually get good pings,when i have the Europe West server selected.
    While on the late hours (17:00-5:00 in the morning) even the in-game's interface increases the ping on the Europe West server,but the Europe East remains stationary and at those hours it's better than Europe West,but still unplayable so i can know not to join a game,but those are the only hours i can get in a dota game that my university has started again.

    I have no other issues with other multiplayer games like (battlefield 3/4/hardline,Star wars Battlefront Beta,Rainbow Six Siege,Call of Duty Black ops 3 Beta) or any issue with my bandwith(Download speed ~15mbps,Upload Speed ~ 0.80mbps,taken from speedtest net)

    (TLTR)Sorry if it's too long to read and for my bad English,but all the above taken in consideration,i can basically only play a game with a proper ping at the - Europe West 2 (Luxembourg) .
    Would it be possible for dota 2 devs,to add advanced server selection in the game's interface?Or is it possible for me to block the server with the bad ping at the Europe West,so that when i select Europe West in game,it only finds game and connects me to the - Europe West 2 (Luxembourg) server?

    I've put up with it all those years and lost plenty of games because of it and i thought it was an issue with my home's cabbling etc,since some friends who live nearby with the same ISP had no issue getting proper pings in Dota 2,but now that i moved to a completly different area,i still have the same issues/tried multiple PCs/laptops wireless/ethernet cable)

    Thanks for all of you who've taken the time to read this and i hope someone in the Dota 2 Dev team gets to see this and do something about it,or help me out,if i am the only one having this issue.