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Massive FPS drop

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  • Massive FPS drop


    Since 26th March (recent update) I am having issues with FPS at the start of the game. I usually get 60+ FPS in game on very high graphics settings but since the new update I have noticed my FPS has dropped to 10. Practically unplayable at this rate.

    I currently use a Samsung U28D590 Monitor (4k). I have attached the dxdiag with info regarding my comp specs. Please help.

    Kind Regards,
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  • #2
    Have the same issue, before the update with "best looking" set I was still getting 120+ now I'm getting literally 10-20 FPS

    Whatever they changed is severely crippling my ability to play. In the meantime, crippling the graphics is the only fix.


    • #3
      I'm in the same boat. Every now and then, the fps returns to normal. Must be a quirky bug.


      • #4
        Quick update

        So I had this issue on my GTX 680 where, after the March spring cleaning update, my fps would dive to around 20-30, even though I usually get 110. I tried everything: reinstalling Dota, reinstalling Steam. I even reconsidered reinstalling Windows. But luckily, all I had to do to resolve the poor performance was to reinstall the Nvidia drivers. I think that Dota was conflicting with the drivers. Hope that helps the op or someone else. Peace.


        • #5
          Yeah I have a GTX 680 also. I have just reinstalled the gfx driver. It seems to be working like normal with 60+ fps. I'll post again if the FPS drops back down.

          Thank you


          • #6
            Nevermind. The fps drop is back... I need to restart my comp everytime I get the fps drop to fix the issue...


            • #7
              Exactly same thing happens to me : massive fps drop since last update ! from > 100 to around 40 fps !
              Need to restart computer then fps are back to around 100 but falls quickly to around 40
              I am using the same laptop since years playing DOTA and this is the first time it happens to me ! I use a GTX 880M nvidia card.

              Please help ... dev ?


              • #8
                Same problem. Fired up dota today, FPS is at 25. Before today it was steadily running at around 120. Now always at the start of the game Im getting sub 30 fps, sometimes it goes back to normal after playing with video settings.


                • #9
                  Okay, I take it back. The fps drop came back to haunt me. And as posters above have said, rebooting the PC solves the drop (not reinstalling drivers, woops.) It is annoying that I have to reboot in order to get last hits without fighting a choppy framerate, but I can live with that as a temporary solution.


                  • #10
                    Do anyone know how to get the dev's attention? It seems like posts don't get answered. I have written to steam complaints as well. But no reply. For a game that is very popular, the support seems very low at this stage. At least an estimated time of when a particular post might be answered.


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by cocomanRAGE View Post
                      Do anyone know how to get the dev's attention? It seems like posts don't get answered. I have written to steam complaints as well. But no reply. For a game that is very popular, the support seems very low at this stage. At least an estimated time of when a particular post might be answered.
                      They don't always join in to take a case by case issue. It may just end up being fixed, if there is a fix, in the next patch. I have a few questions:

                      Do you experience the same FPS drop on any other monitor?
                      Have you tried installating an earlier Nvidia driver, rather than the newest? The newest Nvidia drivers can conflict with software that is older than what the newer drivers are intended for.
                      Do you have GeForce Experience (Nvidia) installed? If so, do you use it to automatically set DOTA2 settings?


                      • #12
                        Replying to Gozuu, FPS did drop on other 1080p monitor. Tried older nvidia driver and that did not work either. I do have Geforce experience installed but I set my dota 2 gfx settings manually.

                        But I found the following thread useful:

                        I just typed -dx11 into "set launch options" in steam and its taken the fps issue off. (library>dota2>properties>set launch options)

                        I will post again if problem comes up again.


                        • #13
                          I had a same problem too. My fps drop to 10~20 from 48~50 after a few sec I watch the game. can anybody help me fix this problem? I already reset my pc. downgrade window. upgrade back window etc. none work. Its happen after a update.
                          and my graphic card GTX 745. if i play dota with a low graphic. fps will remain at 100~110.
                          should I update a latest version GeForce game driver 368.39?
                          Last edited by miakacute94; 06-26-2016, 11:51 PM.


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