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Played a game against hacker or bot abuser and now cant find game

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  • Played a game against hacker or bot abuser and now cant find game this is game,

    it says no stats recorded or that i abandoned the game when i stayed with my friends till the end and got 46 points for it, the guy does that with 10 accounts i check their match history and all the same , looks like we just got in his way and i happened to be the targeted one i have no idea what is this,

    everything was fine till that moment

    and now everytime i queue is the time is just to much , last time i try queue for about 50min and no game tried all settings, all modes , nothing works

    please help

    am i ban or something? if so why? and why dont i get a notice of whats going on

    i typed developer 1 on console to get report and here is what i got


    account_id: 54284374
    wins: 4255
    losses: 3992
    xp: 631
    level: 761
    initial_skill: 100
    leaver_count: 79
    low_priority_until_date: 0
    prevent_text_chat_until_date: 1461779202
    prevent_voice_until_date: 1461779202
    last_abandoned_game_date: 1460092571
    leaver_penalty_count: 1
    completed_game_streak: 232
    teaching: 110
    leadership: 141
    friendly: 164
    forgiving: 83
    account_disabled_until_date: 0
    account_disabled_count: 0
    showcase_hero_id: 52
    match_disabled_until_date: 1462166270
    match_disabled_count: 677
    partner_account_type: PARTNER_NONE
    low_priority_games_remaining: 0
    competitive_rank: 4537
    calibration_games_remaining: 0
    solo_competitive_rank: 5764
    solo_calibration_games_remaining: 0
    recruitment_level: 328
    has_new_notifications: false
    is_league_admin: false
    secondary_leaver_count: 36
    last_secondary_abandoned_game_date: 1457883267
    casual_games_played: 4525
    solo_competitive_games_played: 2719
    party_competitive_games_played: 812
    casual_1v1_games_played: 3
    competitive_team_games_played: 13
    curr_all_hero_challenge_id: 38
    play_time_points: 13
    account_flags: 1
    play_time_level: 157
    player_behavior_seq_num_last_report: 2224
    player_behavior_score_last_report: 6922
    player_behavior_report_old_data: false

    please help me , any info related to this will be amazing,

    thx in advance

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          this is invigorating , i cant take this anymore, i went to sleep and let the search go, all modes , 3 servers , 5hours and no game, what the heck is this, HELP PLEASE


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            devs please


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              devs please


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                Now i invited a friend to play and he was in low prio , i was able to find a game and play it, but in low prio, it was his low prio game, now i try search on my own and still same problem, :-(


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                    im dying here, please help


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                      also to clear this out, i dont use sandbox or whatever its called,


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                        forget it man... apparently devs and mods are on coffee break


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                          devs please


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                            why dont you create another account


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                              wtf kind of answer is that? srsly. he propably has skins on that account. and stats. and is able to play matchmaking which would take a long time to get again. time which most ppl dont want to spend...