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Stuttering on mid range pc

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  • Stuttering on mid range pc

    [Entity System] ExecuteQueuedCreation() took 1010us [ Spawned: 1, Activated 1, PostDataUpdate: 0, Destroyed: 0, Deallocated: 0, PvsUpdate: 0 ]
    CSwapChainBase::QueuePresentAndWait() looped for 21 iterations without a present event.

    These two error logs make the game unplayable. Stutters when new abilities are cast, hovering over new items or spells text, first time buying items and audio delay.
    Cpu and gpu usage drops to 0 when these stutters occur.

    Reinstalled steam and dota, clean windows installation, cleaned and thermal pasted, all drivers up to date.

    Ryzen 3600x
    32gb 3200 cl16
    geforce 1660 ventus 6gb

  • #2
    I have the same micro lags when "things happen for the first time" (like neutral item drop and certain hero abilities are used while being in vision for the first time. Even the HIGH FIVE lags the first time you press it or see someone use it. The 2nd time (or more) someone High Fives, it does not lag at all like it should be.

    They fixed (reduced) the sandstorm lag, but these micro lags on first time using abilities still remain and make it game losing in some situations, like first securing the bounty rune when people use their ability the first time, you lag freeze.

    This "lag freeze first time ability is used" did not happen before the diretide update.


    • #3
      For me happened even before the diretide patch, I guess we need 10k pc to play dota nowadays. Nice coding valve. This site is also dead. No more dota for me I guess.


      • #4
        If devs read this

        This is the console message that gets triggered (after causing the freeze lag with an ability)

        CSwapChainBase::QueuePresentAndWait() looped for 21 iterations without a present event.