Dota 2 Name: Dilbarjani
Steam ID: 36158880

Like many others, I am hoping to plead my ban case here and hopefully get a resolution.

It has been about 4 days since I found out that I have been banned. My first inclination was to reach out to Steam support. It has also been 2 steam support replies since (Screenshots -, without any resolution or details surrounding my lifetime ban. Similar situations to mine have been resolved and I am hoping that this will be the case for me. I also believe that I am not the only one in the wide community that is affected, there may be players who already gave up or never even understood why they were banned.

As far as examples of behaviour that lead to a ban:

- A consistent pattern of user reports, negative conduct, and behavior - My conduct summary shows no indication of such pattern or behaviour with a 10,000 score as of the writing of this post (Conduct Summary -

- Deliberate actions to artificially boost MMR of an account - I have never played a ranked game of Dota, so this is not applicable.

- Buying, selling, or trading accounts - I've had this account for years and none of these 3 apply.

- Creating an unfair competitive advantage through third-party programs - I use no third-party programs (didn't even think this was possible with Dota2) and if any such item was detected, hopefully this can be resolved as an incorrect flag / misunderstanding.

- Manipulation of matchmaking or match outcomes - I play unranked/Turbo with no incentive to engage in any nefarious activities. A summary of my recent matches shows, wins/losses across various hero picks (mainly driven by my choice of guild contract for that day).

I also posted about this on the Dota 2 reddit ( but hopefully, I can get this resolved through posting here.

Thank you for your time.

Adding my OpenDota/DotaBuff link(s) below for reference:
  1. OpenDota -
  2. DotaBuff -