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Banning system can detect fair players as cheaters, important!

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  • Banning system can detect fair players as cheaters, important!

    Hello every1.
    As You can read title, I get some evidence of system's bug.
    I was permanent banned 09/30/2020 for no reason.
    Support steam doesnt respond to me still, so I had to investigate this case by myself.
    So 09/29/2020 I got 2 turbo-games: game id's - 5636171782 and 5636182590.
    1st game (5636171782) was safe to leave cuz some1 got dc or he just left game, so I left that game too.
    Then I started next or 2nd turbo game (5636182590).
    And that 2nd game ends before 1st game ends, and this an accident, it's not my fault or any1's fault.
    Your system counted it like using some soft named "sandbox".
    I never heard about such soft before today, I've never used that. If I could know consequences of that, I'd never leave...You could give me low-priority for that leave.
    And about "sandbox", I heard cheaters use it for cheating with mmr by creating multiple sessions...idk details.
    In my case I guess every player is real and uniqe, and You can check out all IP of every player in this 2 games.
    Please, check it all out. I'm real fair player, I'm still 3k mmr noob, I l2p, I watch some guides everyday, I don't need any cheats.
    I'll add some screenshot to make ez for devs to check all stuff.
    Dear Devs, pls solve this problem. pls I need your answers.
    later I'll add similar cases from other players
    my dota2 id 331531405 + steamprofile
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    where are admins? any comments? is that forum is dead?


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      up! still waiting...


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        no one cares iF they report abuse you, you are banned. be cautious and interact the least iF ur matched With parties oF 2 or a party oF 4 even iF they are toxic as hell. i mean if they are toxic, they will keep pinging you and stuff and if u pingback they will report you! although they are toxic and feeding u will get banned because this reporting system is shit.
        even if u don't ping back you still get reported. They don't care because they commend each other after the game and their behaviour score is intact and since they report abuse u they also get their report back. but u won't have enough reports to report all four of them. Crazy system and Valve devs do not care! This is such a great game, I wish someone who actually cared about the game were in charge of bringing new changes instead of ppl instead of people who just do something and won't accept their failure. No wonder the player numbers are declining. These devs I feel are just after their paycheck! accepting failure would probably mean a reduced paycheck in the end of the day! Instead of thinking long term they just want what is in front of them right now.
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