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input lag playing as tinker, connection status stable

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  • input lag playing as tinker, connection status stable

    5963548960 - match ID

    Disclaimer: I am barely Crusader 1 but I am absolutely confident I am pressing the right buttons when casting multiple items and skills, but for some reason my hero (much recently playing as tinker) just starts to move sluggishly and not obey commands.

    I couldn't pinpoint the exact moment it happens, but I think when I start mashing the item hotkeys along with my ability hotkeys makes tinker suddenly want to perform the whole backswing animation in front of the enemy team. A few moments before I could unload the combo just fine. (dagger-eblade-dagon-laser-missile-soulring-rearm-dagger).

    I tried reconnecting to the game, resetting my hotkeys, restarting the game, restarting the whole pc to no avail. My internet is consistent at 70 ping and I observed no lag spikes throughout the entire game basing on the fps/ping counter on the top right of the screen.

    34:30 - I bought an e-blade
    35:48 - killed Zeus, combo worked just fine
    37:50 - killed Spectre, again combo worked okay
    40:31 - fight broke out in the middle of the map, killed nobody but still the combo worked okay
    41:30 - fight broke out in radiant bottom jungle, died but you can see I landed my combo on the Spectre just fine
    44:20 - ganging on spectre, bought a dagon, combo unloaded just fine

    everything went downhill at this point

    47:21 - first obvious sign of the input lag. you can observe how my tinker just went through the whole backswing animation from casting missiles. took forever for my rearm to go through. dagon and eblade didnt go.
    48:23 - finished reconnecting. I went to a creep wave to test out if this lag was still present by performing the combo again. You will see how, again, the laser and missile backswing animation persists separately. dagon or eblade didnt even go through despite being like 400-500 units away from my target, which should be well within range. rearm came in very sluggishly. got jumped by NP in the process and I died.
    51:25 - I tried to test my combo again on the neutral creeps. still the same sluggish result. got caught up in a teamfight and died.
    53:33 - fight broke out in the middle of the map again. tried to perform the combo on the spectre, same obvious backswing animation lag. at this point I was checking and rechecking my settings, resetting my hotkeys
    57:54 - tested my combo on some spectre illusions after resetting my hotkeys again. same result.
    58:26 - I decided to restart my whole pc.
    60:00 - I gave up

    here's a video of me testing my controls in a demo session. everything was working fine?

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