I'm new to the forums so I'm sorry if this isn't the right one.
I'm a fairly high ranked player in Dota , 5500 on Jan, 1st 2021
I took a break from ranked games that day, and played unranked with friends on a different account, then returned today to play ranked on my main account.
When I first launched Dota 2 my ranked showed as it was, 5500.
A few minutes later, the game re-calibrated my rank automatically, and showed my rank as "TBD - 10 Games remaining".
I got into a game where the average rank was Ancient 4. Around 2,000 points lower than my rank, and I was obviously more skilled than other players in that match, where everyone called me a "booster/smurf".
I contacted Steam support and they referred me to this forum.
I believe this is a mistake.
I don't want to ruin games for lower ranked players, and I don't want my account to be marked as a booster or an abuser.
Am I allowed to play vs lower ranks until I get back to my real rank? or can this be fixed directly from developers?
I don't have screenshots on my previous numbers, but ranks should show on other players from my previous games.
Thank you.