For some reason my game has been crashing for basically no reason (most of the time the crash seems log me out of my computer, causing me to have to login to my desktop again, but I would not have to re-launch my tabs again, and occasionally the crash is essentially a shut down of my computer), it is not caused by alt tab and it can happen basically on any part or category of the menu, whether it may be hero select, global items, my profile, the menu, etc. basically anywhere. However, I found a rather unorthodox but temporary fix to this issue: I either have to be spectating a game, or be in demo mode (I have to be in the demo mode, if I were to just click the back button on the top left to get back to the menu there would be a potential crash). Sometimes it happens between queues and sometimes it does not, sometimes it happens when im just idling and alot of the times it would happen right when I find a match, resulting in a queue ban (it seems to crash right before the game indicates the match is being confirmed on the bottom right of the screen). Not sure if this would be useful to add, but when I re-enter the game, I would either be connecting to the game coordinator for a really long time or my game would be in offline mode, and in both cases I would have to restart the game (sometimes multiple times) to check how long my queue ban is. That is basically the full description of the issue, I have tried verifying game files, reinstalling, launching the game in -safe mode, and none of the solutions have worked out for me. Also, no gpu issues, disk problems, etc. according to some softwares i downloaded to check if my hardware is healthy. This has only been happening to me and my friends are unaffected. This may be kind of a niche problem, but I would really like some advice or a fix on this desperately.