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Alternate styles, glitch 'Hero preview shuffle'. 2-5 minute game freeze. Solution

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  • Alternate styles, glitch 'Hero preview shuffle'. 2-5 minute game freeze. Solution

    (Edit) my solution worked with most Heroes in 'ARMORY'. Not with Dragon Knight. Using DirectX9. I've noticed this for a few months now. 3-5 months? I thought I fixed this issue, and it was just old sets. This is still happening with the new Ti9 Ursa set. When I got Ursa "Sangstrath Fold" I saved a locked version, with the 'immortal swift claws' And 'Claws of Furoious Heart(2 Styles also)'. When I got the Unlock to the Ti9 Ursa, upgraded to the second style, I got the 2-5 minute delay once again. This time I knew the problem. Deleted it, remade it, and no more delay.

    Months ago, I spent 5 hours arranging my Pudge sets, set to window mode and watched youtube vids with the 2-5 minute downtime per set swap. Worked out that if I manually changed each item there was less delay, item pieces with an unusual few second delay. Using the "Hover to preview, Click to select/shuffle" menu to load sets caused 2-5 minute delay, when you select a set to load, it freezes.

    If I wanted to add that set to shuffle, there was no escaping the 2-5minute delay. I spent many other hours trying to arrange sets for different heroes. Thankfully after some tinkering, I found a solution.

    There is that 'One set' you need to find, usually at the start of the 'preview selection' that has an 'alternate style', have to delete the selection and remake it. Then the 2-5minute delay is fixed. Can view the sets as normal. The delay is resolved. It was an arcana, or a Black death head. I cannot remember.

    If that is not the offender, edit, copy the text, delete, remake the custom set, save. Keep going to the next set on the list till you find the offending set.

    One other thing I noticed, in window mode, monitoring my CPU usage, during this 2-5minute game freeze. It maxes out 1 core at a time to 100%, keeps switching 100% usage, it rarely splits the cores usage, if it does it's 2/3 cores about 50%/60-40%. I have 5 cores of my 8 cores affinity set to Dota 2.

    (Edit)Had the same problem with Bristle Back Ti8 Cavern set. And a few other heroes. I thought it was fixed, just a glitch from old sets. Have not a a problem since.

    But Today for some reason today my [Dragon Knight] saved set names now have this problem, I have bought no new sets, trying to find the offending set, the alternate styles sets were not the offenders. Or deleting and remaking does not fix anymore. I reinstalled Dota yesterday via validation 'Verify integrity of game files'. I used the above process and did not work.

    I deleted the only saved multiple style 'Legacy of the Eldwurm Crest' Did not fix the 2-5minute freeze.

    So I manually replaced each item deleting and renaming all my sets. Still did not fix the freeze.

    Then I put all the items including the loadscreen for sale on 'community market' hoping it would clear the freeze. Which made things MUCH worse, so I think it is linked to this set. And it now took 20 seconds now to load [Dragon Knights] Armory Profile, instead of a few second delay on single items, now 15 seconds freeze/delay to bring up the item menu to manually change an item, 40 seconds to bring up the preview menu, and still with a 2-5 minute freeze when selecting a set.

    First I tried loading my old version of Dota 2, and see if there is a difference between my old Dota 2 and yesterdays fresh installation. Same problem, fresh and old installation with Dragon Knight 2-5 minute freeze.

    I'm in the process of deleting all my saved custom set names for [Dragon knight], manually with a 15 second wait per item. Will take a while. Saving the names before I delete into a text file, so I can not miss a saved set combination.

    Completed deleting every custom named set, still have the freeze for DK. It could be linked to I guess I can try putting all the sets on market. It could be linked to a single specific default set. Also I have 'The Knight's Repose' Kinetic Gem in every Dragon(Just remoced all the gems made no change), including my Ti5, Ti8 DK sets that are untradable/unmarketable, so I cannot get rid of them to test if they are the source.

    [Lion] now has this issue today since last time I fixed this, I only had 4 saved set names. I deleted all of them with Hell-Spar Anathema. And it fixed it, no delay or freeze. The previous fix did not work, all Hell-Spar Anathema sets had to be deleted and remade.

    [SLARK] Had to delete all my Slark sets to fix the delay. Had kinetic gem "Pounce of the Silent Ripper" in all sets.

    [Tusk] Had to delete all custom sets to stop the delay. Tried removing Kinetic gem, did not make a difference. Last set was a 'Normal' set. Did not have gem, nor have a secondary style.

    I'm adding more problems as I find them. I'm checking through all heroes.
    Last edited by Tcup!; 06-24-2019, 04:58 AM. Reason: Adding more content. New findings

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    I tried -Safe_mode. Tried -autoconfig(whatever the troubleshooting command was). Tried installing opengl using -gl in commands.

    Renamed my Dota 2. Reinstalled Dota 2. Still the same problem. Please fix this. It's my Pudge Sets and Dragon knight.

    This came back for my pudge sets when my Arcana updated 2 days ago. The new style takes 5-10 minutes to load a set. 3 minutes to change a single item. I tried finding the set that was causing the error but after about 3 hours of only replacing 5 sets. I gave up.

    I deleted all my Dk sets, and had to remake them, and still the 5 minutes freeze happens. There's no fixing it.