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FPS drop, stutter and "off" feel - probably since H patch

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  • FPS drop, stutter and "off" feel - probably since H patch

    As my post title suggests, I'm finding it hard to put into words what is happening with Dota for me right now. I have searched "FPS" and have found similar problems, most notably this post, where I've had some feedback. Almost everyone else reinstalls and finds their problem has stopped.

    In the past couple of weeks, perhaps since the most recent patch (g I think?), I have found the game pretty much unplayable. All controls feel out of sync, missing animations, the screen looks almost like it's flickering (especially with freesync turned on) and the FPS is dropping like a bomb all the time - particularly when there is a lot going on.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Dota twice. Uninstalled GPU drivers and even used DDU to wipe them and do a completely clean install. I'm currently using 19.9.2 drivers.
    I have an i5 6600K (stock), 8Gb R390, 16GB 2400 RAM and an SSD. FPS was almost always at 140 or so for me, but suddenly I'm getting 90 at most, but the game still feels unplayable and glitchy. This drops to 20 in teamfights - maybe less.

    This is happening even with bot games, so it's not network related. I have stress-tested my system and everything is fine and no other games are experiencing any issues. Even when I turn EVERYTHING to it's lowest settings the same stuttery, laggy, "off" feel persists.

    Does anyone have any clues what is causing this and how to fix it?

    EDIT I am noticing the 4 cpu cores are maxing out at 3.9ghz (the turbo frequency). It's not even just the gameplay that's laggy; even logging in and the pre-game loading is slower than ever before. Still unable to play.
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    This sounds similar to my issue, can you look at this clip and see if it's the same kind of stutter:


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      Originally posted by Valiox View Post
      This sounds similar to my issue, can you look at this clip and see if it's the same kind of stutter:
      Your stutter is more pronounced. It's hard to explain, but mine is more like a "drag". Everything feels 'off'. Even animations on the creeps etc seem to almost be missing, like you go to hit the creep timing it and suddenly it's dead. Also my FPS is usually about 120 - used to 140, but it still feels a lot worse than that clip looks even though you are running at 60fps. My FPS drops way down now as well when anything much happens. Sometimes the overlays slow down the game too. I might try and get some footage and upload it like you did.