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Brazilian Servers

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #16
    I am playing from Minas Gerais - Brazil and i have Oi Velox ISP BUT my ping on BR servers are over excellent!! I get 50~80 ping and i'm loving all this.
    Am i the only one playing fine with Oi Velox ISP?
    Maverick Hunter.


    • #17
      Originally posted by DarkSuo View Post
      I am playing from Minas Gerais - Brazil and i have Oi Velox ISP BUT my ping on BR servers are over excellent!! I get 50~80 ping and i'm loving all this.
      Am i the only one playing fine with Oi Velox ISP?
      AFAIK, most Oi Velox users are having these problems. I can't speak for ALL of them , tho. I think there might be some exceptions, like you, but they are a minority among velox users.


      • #18
        I got 210ms, sadly
        I'm from Campo Grande - MS, not that far from São Paulo.
        My connection is NET ISP, 10Mb, I get 180 ~ 200 ms on US servers too

        I apologize for the little (or big) english mistakes, learn a different language is not easy....
        I'm fluent in Portuguese and Japanese, btw

        Hey, you! Yes, you there, american. You're not better than anyone, we're not better than anyone. Stop being a xenophobe and quit using people's nation as an excuse to lose.


        • #19
          i get 190-210 ms in these "south american" servers

          i get 185-200 in use

          something is wrong... i play tf2 on brazilian servers and i get 50 - 70 MS... i was expecting a similar latency for dota 2

          please fix the servers... !

          i'm from argentina


          • #20
            280ms from Lima-Peru, worst than USE east/west
            Last edited by Paykoman; 03-19-2012, 06:10 PM.


            • #21
              280-350 ping

              Right now, USE > Brazil/South America

              And the game feels more unresposive as well.
              I hope this is fixable. It's not good the thought that I wont be able to play in "our" own server or join any tournament around here because of this, like one that will be happen soon. I'm used with high pings but 350 ms against 50 ms isnt much fair.


              • #22
                im from montevideo ( Uruguay ) and i have 240~260 in Brazil server...................

                and 180~200 in Usa East :/, please, fix it, we can't enjoy the game with this lag


                • #23
                  I have 280-350 ms and I from Montevideo, Uruguay, and my ISP: ANTEL
                  And in US East server 180-210 ms. Please try to fix this problem with Uruguayan players


                  • #24
                    I'm from Brazil using Velox ISPs and I'm getting 180-200 ping in a Brazilian server, while getting 160-180 on US East


                    • #25
                      I'm from Brazil and I get 50MS on the servers. Awesome job, valve/frog-san.


                      • #26
                        Its even worse today. I'm getting 500 ping on South America, and a normal (for my connection) 250-300 on USEast


                        • #27
                          Please, stick this thread

                          I'm really thankful about having a Brazilian Server, but I'm in the group of people who are having troubles cause of the ISPs, and since this ISP is my only option until June or so, I can't fix it.

                          So, if possible I would like to know how long it takes to fix the routing issues with Velox ISP (if it's even possible). Thank you a lot for the work you've been doing


                          • #28
                            So? hi there some admin working?


                            • #29
                              I'm getting 100-120 ms playing from São Paulo. My internet provider is NET Virtua.

                              I'm almost matchmaking with US East and South American servers checked, but I've only played one game in the South American servers.

                              The game was fine, no lag issues and no spikes.

                              Thank you for trying to fix this issue!
                              Grosse Titten


                              • #30
                                I don't know if something changed, but now it seems to be better, I'm getting around 150-180ms.

                                Its not perfect, but its very smooth, like 80ms on Dota1.

                                Since i've not played with sub 100ms on dota2, I cannot tell if it gets much better or not.