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Brazilian Servers

This is a sticky topic.
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  • BR SEVER working bad.
    it seems like the main SA-BR sever is having some issues and disconnect automatically in-game, and in the console show that its hosting the game in a new server in the middle of the game, and when this happens we jump from 50 ping to 150 in my case. so i dont know if the main sever its suposed to disconect or not, but at least the 2nd priority server should be working good with lower pings

    this is what console looks like

    C:Gamerules: entering state 'DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_WAIT_FOR_MAP_TO_LOAD'
    [Client] CDOTA_Hud_Main::EventGameRulesStateChanged DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_WAIT_FOR_MAP_TO_LOAD
    C:Gamerules: entering state 'DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_PRE_GAME'
    [Client] CDOTA_Hud_Main::EventGameRulesStateChanged DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_PRE_GAME
    C:Gamerules: entering state 'DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_GAME_IN_PROGRESS'
    [Client] CDOTA_Hud_Main::EventGameRulesStateChanged DOTA_GAMERULES_STATE_GAME_IN_PROGRESS
    [SteamNetSockets] Relay gru#5 ( is going offline in 599 seconds
    [Client] CL: Forcing ExecuteQueuedOperations due to entity slot re-use (1337 )
    [SteamNetSockets] Requesting session from ord#53 ( Ping = 210+149=359 (front+back=total).
    [SteamNetSockets] Selecting ord#53 ( as backup #1 for connection 1881303845. Ping = 210+149=359 (front+back=total).
    **** Unable to localize '#DOTA_RuneTooltip_Name' on panel 'RuneName'
    **** Unable to localize '#DOTA_RuneTooltip_Description' on panel 'RuneDescription'
    [SteamNetSockets] Discarding inactive session atl#1 ( for connection 1881303845. session_inactivity_timeout
    [Client] CL: Forcing ExecuteQueuedOperations due to entity slot re-use (1337 npc_dota_creep_lane)
    [SteamNetSockets] Primary router gru#5 ( going offline in 51 seconds; seeking replacement
    [SteamNetSockets] Requesting session from gru#107 ( Ping = 62+0=62 (front+back=total).
    [SteamNetSockets] Switched to gru#107 ( as primary for connection 1881303845. Ping = 101+0=101 (front+back=total). [Previous primary gru#5 ( Ping = 101+0=101 (front+back=total). Offline in 50s.]
    [SteamNetSockets] Selecting ord#53 ( as backup #1 for connection 1881303845. Ping = 205+149=354 (front+back=total).
    [SteamNetSockets] Discarding inactive session gru#5 ( for connection 1881303845. downtime_warning_reached
    [SteamNetSockets] Requesting session from atl#1 ( Ping = 181+131=312 (front+back=total).

    [SteamNetSockets] Selecting atl#1 ( as backup #1 for connection 1881303845. Ping = 182+131=313 (front+back=total).


    • loss spikes every 30-90 seconds. loss going to 60-70 and orders dont register for like 5 seconds.
      ISP: Telecentro - Argentina


      • When are you going to fix your shit? WE ALL HAVE the same problem, packet loss every 10 seconds over and over, every single day, all week, all month and still no comment, no fix, nothing. I give you one more week before deleting this joke of a game, fix your shit.


        • When are you going to fix your shit? WE ALL HAVE the same problem, packet loss every 10 seconds over and over, every single day, all week, all month and still no comment, no fix, nothing.


          • South America server is really bugged. Can't connect when a match is found and can't reconnect if you are lucky enough to begin a match.


            • Hi Icefrog, can you please take a look at the illusions problem. I mean: when MK is ulting the game start to swallow all the internet's download speed, or when Naga make your illusions, or PL make your illusions, or any heroe that can make illusions or use Manta Style.
              Thanks a lot!


              • Is there any way to test brazilian servers ?, lately I have many loss packet


                • it´s been 2 hours and I still have not found a match.

                  Is the third day in a row that I have tehse problems.

                  Yesterday was 4 hours without finding a match


                  • STILL CAN NOT FIND A MATCH! WTF???


                    • I dont know if this is new, but the coordinator seems to be with problem.


                      • Cant find match, it searches for five to six minutes, then it resets and searches for another five to six minutes, and it keeps going like that.


                        • Im having the same issue, the game finder keeps resetting to 0 and wont find any match, havent been able to find a match in a long time. Any idea what is going on?