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DOTA 2 Crashing? Come Here Dota 2 Crash Fix and Fixes to Errors, Freezing, Lagging

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  • JayStelly
    If you are crashing with "could not load library client" you should validate your game files in steam.

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  • admingate
    Crash once in every single game or replay after the recent update. It happens usually during some intense team fight.

    Just no word. I upgraded my com just so I can play dota2 without hassle that my old built used to have. Couple months in and now you are ending my enjoyment already? It is turning more like TF2 where you don't give a crap about FPS or crashes when you added all those "special effect" for Unusuals. How do you fuxk it up so bad again on a game that I love? I am starting to see a pattern.

    I have made a promised not to buy a single game from you, nor any in game items. I don't see you are giving a crap about your players nor committing to make a workable product.

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  • jimmydorry

    Crashes on start-up, even when running the dota.exe

    Could not load client library.

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  • innocence07
    Guys help me pls im experiencing lag spike on both china and SEA im using skybroadband dsl line
    im from the Phillipines any suggestion is appreciated thanks

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 2 ms 1 ms <1 ms
    2 68 ms 11 ms 46 ms
    3 109 ms 34 ms 44 ms
    4 68 ms 10 ms 72 ms
    5 16 ms 46 ms 58 ms
    6 32 ms 13 ms 44 ms [114.108.192
    7 32 ms 52 ms 30 ms [63.218.211.
    8 * 118 ms 87 ms []

    9 * 75 ms 115 ms [63.218.249.
    10 76 ms 125 ms 76 ms []
    11 85 ms 104 ms 70 ms []

    Trace complete.

    My laptop spec
    i5 3rdgen 2.5Ghz dual core
    gt 650m 2gb
    8gb ram

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  • slomotion
    i have the same problem after playing for like 20 mins my game crashes to desktop without any error messages or anything, it just goes to desktop and says GOODLUCK BRO, need to restart steam sometimes to launch, i dont run anything else in background, whats the problem?

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  • Tidius
    Playing 1920x1080, all full, windows xp 32b it crash every 2 games, in some team fights, and even after loading screen, or sometimes when all team press "play", have 6gb of "DUMPS" files, i can delete them?


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  • hardkur
    hi i got fps drops and random crashes every 3 games then every game so i got new graphic drivers (clean install) and reinstall dota on another hard drive (backed up files to dont download again)
    now its working good i hope it help someone

    ps. on lags its just some assholes in your network so use netcut if u can ;]
    Last edited by hardkur; 05-02-2013, 04:01 AM.

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  • hecman456
    with some previous patch my dota 2 client crash more often when i play match :| it out me to dektop and when click on dota 2 to get back only hear sound, must end task and restart dota 2

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  • anchorxlambo
    Dota2 crashes when someone failed in loading.

    This always happen when someone fail in loading.

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  • ruchir
    in my pc whenever i start download dota 2 on steam,after restarting my pc it again start download on 0% plz help

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  • AnotherSpaceSong
    Originally posted by ermo12 View Post
    Yo, who's getting blue screen's suddenly!! i been trying to correct crashes and blue screens it seems like its my mobo(bios update) or drive! does anyone has the same problem i think i can help!
    I am most definitely 100% getting this problem and ANY insight will help.

    I can post specs, crash dumps etc. if you need.

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  • hanni7345
    Why isnt this sticky ?

    second off for lag issues
    set launch options to this -high -noforcemaccel -dxlevel 8
    and crash on win key might be caused be this launch option some people tell you to use "-nod3d9ex"

    and im running dota on a 500$ laptop with a amd apu "E450" (1.65ghz dual core & HD 6320) and my friends with gtx 670 and that stuff have lag issues

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  • hysteria416
    Originally posted by xPooPooBoix View Post
    I have one problem...
    Why my dota 2 will automatic freeze and need to alt+ctrl+del it when clashing? Any idea?
    i have the exact problem
    it was fine before but ever since the bristleback patch it started happening

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  • xPooPooBoix
    I have one problem...
    Why my dota 2 will automatic freeze and need to alt+ctrl+del it when clashing? Any idea?

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    BUMP! Zzzzz...

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