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  • Low FPS

    i5 m430 2,27ghz
    4gb ram
    NVIDIA geforce gt 320m
    Hi, is it normal that i get 15 fps(16:9 1366 x 768) ?

  • #2
    Heat is also a contributing factor for low FPS - are you in a hot area, or playing for a long time - dust caked onto your cpu, fan broken. I don't know how your specs measure up - I'm sure someone else will mention it, but just throwing that in there because my laptop starts to take strain if it gets really hot.


    • #3
      No its not that.The temp is around 50C.


      • #4
        if ambient occlusion and antialiasing are on im pretty sure thats what youre gonna get with a 320m.


        • #5
          i turned them off and lowered the resolution and now its better.never knew that my video card was so shit :[


          • #6
            Its 320m = Mobility.

            The real 320 is double time stronger.


            • #7
              my fps caps at 40, I think I have similar specs to him (may even be the same toshiba laptop?)
              it doesnt drop like he states, but it simply is capped at 40.

              is there any way to uncap said parameter?


              • #8
                My FPS normally caps at 40 too.

                GTS 250
                4gb RAM
                Core 2 Duo 3.1ghz

                oh, also, Borderless Windowed Mode.


                • #9
                  i5 M480 @2.67 GHz
                  4GB RAM
                  ATi Mobility Radeon HD 5650

                  caps at 40 fps, gameplay at 30-35 fps, mega-ganks at 25ish fps

                  1. can I uncap said framerate?
                  2. what changes (manual -console) can I do to increase performance?

                  thanks in advance.


                  • #10

                    I'm dropping this here, guess it's interesting to some people who want to compare their card to current ones.
                    @OP: 4k points in 3dmark06 doesn't sound too promising. Maybe when VALVe adds the missing video options (mainly textures) you'll be able to tweak enough for fluid play.

                    Until then, you may want to find out where your bottlenet is (vram, cpu, gpu). Rivatuner should be able to monitor all your systemressources during play (ati-pentant "Ati Tray Tools" is able to do that at least). If it's the cpu, turn off all not needed processes, if it's vram you may want to consider increasing your RAM (as it is shared memory on 320m IIRC) and if gpu is limiting you, you can try to overclock your card. Cooling pad adviced, though
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