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Warning : Disconnected from Server No Steam logon

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    Originally posted by Juiceisgreat View Post
    Hey had the same problem, read on a website that you should delete the following files in your steam installation folder: Clientregistry.blob, Steam.dll, SteamUI.dll (While steam is closed). Then reopen steam and it will automatically update. I did that and managed to resume the game I was in but yeah.. Still got an abandonment count cause it took longer than 5 minutes. Hope this helps..
    Alright, so initially after a restart of dota alone, then steam, then my computer I was not able to get a stable server connection to play. After deleting these recommended files using the recommended steps I was able to get a working connection and play, hooray! I was on and playing comfortably for several hours but unfortunately for some reason in the middle of my last game it started back up again and wouldn't you know it, I got kicked repeatedly until I was forced to exit steam and delete the files all over again. I did not need a restart the second time around, but I did need to exit steam to complete the deletion.

    Of course I rejoined the match and finished it, helping to net the team a win, although all I earned is another abandon and low priority matchmaking for a day. Its easy to be disappointed =/


    • #32
      Abandon Game Penalty Issue

      I think everyone know regard to this issues that certain players facing frustration situation "Disconnect.. No steam logon" errors ever since the new patch is up. But I do believe this kind of error is unexpected by dev. However,it is unfair give penalty to players who don't intentionally abandon game for lame reason and rejoin back the game after the reconnect. I hope dev can re-concern change the abandon penalty rules by removing the penalty whenever players reconnect back to game.

      Just to voice out my opinion, not flaming.

      Peace Out


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        added your plea to the thread about the no steam logon error.
        please leave the further discussion to the devs and focus on providing additional information about the problem at hand.
        Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

        Contributions i'd like to highlight:
        My Suggestion: Coaching System
        My Sticky: Intended Changes List
        My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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          This problem didn't happened to me until this time.I tried restarting the client and next the Steam.Nothing happened,resulting my double abandonment.


          • #35
            I was able to play another match later yesterday after a couple of hours since my abandon without issuses.

            I did not delete any files. I did not restart my computer since my previous incident with the bug. I did close Steam on this computer and logged in on my notebook for a brief period of time.

            When I tried a lobby, I was able to play with bots without problem. During the same session I played 3 games of Coop MM against bots without problem too. I did not test MM for fear of another abandon tho.

            Again, restarting Steam the first time it occurred to me (as stated before) did not help.
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              same problem here i joing game it ok for 5 10 sec then my ping go hi like 3000 ms and i get disconnected from steam


              • #37
                Dont know if this it the problem but my ip changed today and i put the old ip and it ok now


                • #38
                  Valve's programmers are clowns. To think they don't even consider the game to be in beta anymore when thousands of issues are discovered after every new patch.. sigh..


                  • #39
                    Re-install DotA2, it will solve the problem


                    • #40
                      Bf.smN did u have this problem and u re-instal the game and whaz ok after?


                      • #41
                        Had this problem earlier and I really have to leave my current game because this is annoying and affects my gameplay, and I have to face low priority on queues because of it. >.<
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                        Possible fix for slow game loaders


                        • #42
                          Restart not only Dota 2 but also Steam as someone already mentioned and it should work (it did for me)


                          • #43
                            Same here, currently have low prio too. I restarted my steam client but already got a leave for it. Is there a place where I can appeal this? This has been happening to me the past few days.


                            • #44
                              I think the most puzzling thing, at least for me, is how arbitrary this bug is.

                              After not playing or touching steam overnight, I logged back into dota this afternoon to play and had no issues the first game. So being logged into steam for prolonged periods of time doesn't seem to affect this bug as previously was suspected.

                              After one game of play today with no issues, the bug returned. This was different than yesterday when I had fixed the problem similarly (be deleting the 3 files) where I had played 3-4 games before it returned again. So it seems that length of play doesn't seem to be a factor.

                              I can only guess from some of the other posts here that some have fixed it entirely, while some can play only practice games etc... leading me to believe that what you decide to play during that duration isn't a factor either. Its not like the bug only comes while playing regular MM, or only while playing practice matches. I personally get the bug during bot games as well as during MM.

                              I try pretty hard to be a nice guy, and a contributing member of the dota community and it's the pits to not be able to play, on top of being stuck in low priority matchmaking for what just turned into 2 extra days because of yet another d/c that took longer than 5 minutes to fix.

                              I thought I had fixed it temporarily, but I guess I was wrong. The abandons really do hurt and while I'm hoping for a quick fix and a ticket back to regular matchmaking from the devs I'd just be happy if anybody has ideas before the higher ups bring back word. If somebody has a documented permanent fix let us all know.
                              Last edited by CDouble; 07-01-2012, 10:29 PM.


                              • #45
                                This problem has cropped up for me twice now. The first time, restarting Steam fixed it. The second time it didn't do anything at all. This is really frustrating. I can't queue for real games with this going on at all.

                                I appear to be able to watch games from The Defense without too much issue but otherwise the game isn't playable. I get DCed every 30 seconds.
                                Last edited by tanikaze; 07-01-2012, 11:46 PM.