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Reconnection - New Console Command That May Help

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  • Reconnection - New Console Command That May Help

    In the last update we added an additional console setting that may help people who have issues with reconnecting to servers. This needs testing! If you are having issues with reconnecting to games, please enable the console and type "clientportany 1" into the console. This setting is saved and only needs to be entered once. Once that is entered, restart Dota 2 (quit the game and launch from Steam again) and then try to reconnect.

    Please let us know if this helps with reconnection issues!

    Technical Information:

    Dota 2 uses the UDP network protocol to communicate between your client and our dedicated servers. UDP packets have a source and destination address which is a combination of IP address and port. When you start up Dota 2, by default is use UDP port 27005 on your computer. Our dedicated servers are using UDP ports 27015 through 27063.

    I think the issue some players are having is their router/firewall gets confused about where packets from port 27005 on your computer are going to which server. This is why rebooting the router fixes it.

    When you set "clientportany 1", this tells Dota 2 to allow the operating system to allocate a random UDP port on your computer every time it starts up. This means you'll get a new unique port each time you start the game. Since it’s a different one every time, the firewall/router should allocate a new path when you try to reconnect.

    Please note that the vast majority of players do not have issues with reconnection and do not need to set this option.

    Note that if you reconnect and get the message "You must be in a lobby to connect" this is a different issue. This message indicates the server has crashed and its something we need to fix. Sorry!

  • #2
    ^ Yay, just set it. Now when my router gets a disconnection, I'll come back to tell whether it worked or not.
    Fix how reconnection works now!


    • #3
      nope, doesn't work at all.


      • #4
        If its not working for them I'm not even willing to try it because I'll get dropped into Low Priority again if it doesn't work.


        • #5
          Aww, didn't work for me. I still need to reset my modem/router to reconnect properly.
          Fix how reconnection works now!


          • #6
            Worked for me. Thanks, Zoid!


            • #7
              So, what else can I try? :/

              And no, changing my Internet Provider (Vivo Speedy) is out of the question. I live in the São Paulo province, Brazil.
              Fix how reconnection works now!


              • #8
                -Bumping a Zoid thread-

                Meanwhile I await for a real fix, resetting my modem/router is the only quick solution.
                Fix how reconnection works now!


                • #9
                  Just a joke. Even the dota1 gaming platforms give you the ability to safely reconnect. And those were created in privat. In dota2, where Valve is working on, loads of people can't reconnect. I got 15 abandons now, wherefrom i didnt leave a single game intended. But I am playing in low priority almost every 3rd day due to this crap.

                  Enabled the UDP ports, that are needed in the router config. Enabled the UDP ports in the game preferences.
                  Got Windows XP newest SP, all drivers updated (router, too) but still nothing works.
                  This game can't go out of it's beta unless this bug is not fixed.

                  The low priority pool is a joke. Playing there means free wins as you play versus noobs only, but that's less fun than even losing a game without a chance.


                  • #10
                    Also, I've tried numerous times however the setting is not saved, it gets reset to 0.


                    • #11
                      Found this thread a few days ago and had now the opportunity to test it.

                      It worked. Thumbs up.

                      Thanks a lot, at least it is a solution.

                      P.S.: can we make this thread sticky or something? A lots of people having this issue from time to time and I think it just can improve the system if more people see this thread and post their results.


                      • #12
                        It works for some. Others not so much.


                        • #13


                          • #14
                            It didn't work for me. I am having this issue:

                            I tryed everything - on a party, solo, with bots.
                            When the game finds a match / I hit start with to play with a bot, the game starts loading with the big background and loading n the bottom right of the screen and after ~30 seconds it gives up and gives me this error.

                            I am having issues with connectivity only with Dota 2.


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by RG_PankO View Post
                              It didn't work for me. I am having this issue:
                              Do you use a custom firewall? It might block Dota2. (e.g. Peerblock)