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Got an abandon from server issues during Diretide

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  • Got an abandon from server issues during Diretide

    Hi, I don't know if im writing here, but still, Yesterday i played game, then servers turned off and I couldnt reconnect to game, so I got abbandoment, and now I cant get items from this nice Helloween event. Can anyone help me ? I played i think 5 matches, won candy fight all times, and no items ((

  • #2
    You are probably moved to the Low Priority Queue, which affects Diretide mode too. Check the normal matchmaking tab for any red letter notification about this.

    Also, lot of people has this issue, Valve has no solution yet. You (and several other people) are just unlucky with this bug.


    • #3
      yes, Im in low priority, in my post i mean it as abbandoment So, you say, that nobody can fix it and everyone gets f....... after this bug ?


      • #4
        What was the error when you tried to reconnect? Did you get "Connection to the server exceeded the number of retries. Server is probably not available"? If so, yes, you are f...... just like me and anyone who had this.


        • #5
          YES!!!! the same, bad luck


          • #6
            Finally, more people who got the same problem. Now let's see if they find a way to stop all this mess. It sucks A LOT that meanwhile everyone is having fun and getting cool items, you have to match with the people you find in the low prior poll, and also don't get ANYTHING, for waiting 10-20 minutes for a match.
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              I'm new here, are there any admins or something like that in this forums ? Maybe they could help us ?


              • #8
                Moving this to Performance & Technical Support.
                To keep these forums clean and friendly, please read and follow the forum rules.
                Before making a new thread, be sure to have used search, as well as checking the stickies of the appropriate section.

                Lore moderator.


                • #9
                  Same problem here, but I'm not in low priority, just got an abandon

                  I apologize for the little (or big) english mistakes, learn a different language is not easy....
                  I'm fluent in Portuguese and Japanese, btw

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                    I agree, I got put into LPQ after leaving a DireTide match due to server crashing and I have been in LPQ before but just because I leave one match during the very end of the match landed me with 24 hours in LPQ. DireTide shouldn't have LPQ because even if it does take 10 mins to kill roshan with 5 people you can do it and you will still get items the people who left won't...