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A Possible Fix for the stalling update (stuck at certain % complete)

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  • A Possible Fix for the stalling update (stuck at certain % complete)

    Here's a list and a guide with step by steps on how to possibly fix the stalling update/download for Dota 2 client.

    Here's a summary of fixes for the issue.

    • Verify the integrity of the game cache.
    • Removing the Dota 2 files from the downloading folder.
    • Refreshing your clientregistry.blob and your winui.gcf in your steam folder.
    • Changing the region to force download from a different server.
    • Clearing out the Dota 2 files from your depotcache folder.

    If I have left any out please PM and leave a message below for me to add it to the guide please.

    - Verify the integrity of the game cache -

    To verify the integrity of the game cache simply open steam to your library where all your games are, locate Dota 2. Make sure that the download is paused and right click Dota 2, click properties and a new window will open. Click the local files tab and you should see an option to verify integrity of game cache. Wait for this to complete and then resume your download.

    - Removing the Dota 2 files from the downloading folder -

    *Make sure you pause any downloads before you attempt*
    To remove the downloaded files that might be causing the game to no longer continue to update/download correctly all you need to do is to open up your steam directory (This is usually defaulted to C:/Program Files/Steam) and open steamapps , downloading and locate any folders associated with the number 570. 570 is the steamid number for Dota 2 (as seen on the dota 2 store page). Delete the folder and any state_570_###.patch files to restart the download again.

    - Refreshing the clientregistry.blob and winui.gcf files in your steam folder -

    To refresh these files you must first exit steam completely, then go into your steam directory (defaulted to C:/Program Files/Steam). Now locate a file called clientregistry.blob and rename it to clientregistryold.blob. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE as it is recommended not to delete the Old.blob as it may be used later to determine recurring issues. Now open steam and it will reacquire a new clientregistry.blob and try to download again.
    The next file Winui.gcf is more related to menu's and configurations of steam but I have heard people able to resolve their issue by correcting this too. To refresh this file close steam and go to your steam directory (defaulted to C:/Program Files/Steam). Now open the steamapps folder, locate winui.gcf and rename it to winuiold.gcf. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE as it is recommended not to delete the Old.gcf as it may be used later to determine recurring issues. Now open steam it will reacquire a new winui.gcf and try to download again.

    - Changing the Region to force download from a different server -

    To change the region from which you want to download you want to open steam and open the menu (located in the top left of you ui) and then go down into settings under the steam tab. Move across to the Download + Cloud tab. Now there are 2 options here you will want to change around. The first is the Region because whenever steam downloads a game it will always download it from the closest server to the one you have selected. So we want to force it to download overseas depending where you're from. so if you are in SEA region you want to download from the US or Europe.
    The 2nd part to this is the approximate speed, I can't confirm this but have heard changing the speed can also help although I am unsure how this would occur. On the same tab you can see the approximate speed which you can change people have stated changing this has allowed them to get past the stuck download. Restart steam and try to download again.

    - Clearing out the Dota 2 Files from the depocache folder -

    If your still continuing to have issues downloading dota 2 or updating dota 2 where it stalls at the same spot every time after the above fixes your next step is to remove the depocache files as they are what is most likely causing it to stall.
    To remove the files from the depocache folder first you want to exit steam completely, then go into your steam directory (defaulted to C:/Program Files/Steam). Open the depocache folder and you will see a few files 571_######.manifest to 573_######.manifest. These files are related to Dota 2 and can cause the download to stall. You can delete these files although I recommend not to delete but remove the files and place them in a folder on your desktop. Make a folder on your desktop (right click anywhere on the desktop and make a new folder, name it dota2dump and the cut and paste the 571_ to 573.manifest files into the folder.
    When you remove these files also clear out the downloading folder as well in one of the previous steps above to make sure we have a fresh run at downloading Dota 2. Now run steam and download Dota 2.

    Hopefully the above has fixed the stalling update issue and I want to state that all fixes are based upon previous threads and there are too many people to thank for assistance in resolving this issue. I do not take credit for the guide as most of the fixes have been a community effort I have just typed it up nicely for those who are experiencing difficulties. Good Luck, Have Fun and I'll see you on Dota 2 soon =P
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    Original Post before guide was made and uploaded

    I recently went away, got back home and tried to patch dota 2 to experience this issue again (would stop at 7.2mb every time). I spent an hour or 2 looking into various methods like:

    Clearing the Downloading folder of 570 (Dota 2)
    Clearing the clientregistry.blob along with winui.gcf
    Reverifying the files (did that each time i attempted to fix the issue)
    Trying to change what region it would download from

    I did the above with 0 results along with a few other things in what i had attempted. Then i went looking and I may have found a solution to the issue but would need others who have the issue to confirm.

    Essentially after looking for any dota 2 files that could be conflicting I decided to remove the 571-573 files from the depotcache folder in my steam folder. Now I'm assuming that those files are linked to dota 2 (a confirmation on this would be great too). But if anyone else is having the same issue and can confirm that removing those files helps break the stuck download issue then it would be a great help.

    Also just one last thing, If this does fix the issue could we get cvp to add some possible solutions for the Download patch/game stuck to "Common Dota 2 Technical Issues and Solutions " along with the other solutions which have worked for others too like the download folders, clientreg, changing dl region stuff like that. Seems like something that should have some basic solutions in an easy to find area. I know this issue is reasonably common and has been around for quite a while and think it would help others to have another post added for this issue.
    Last edited by Rapacity; 11-28-2012, 05:14 PM. Reason: Original Post - Before Guide was made


    • #3 same issue


      • #4
        My friend's account is currently having this issue, his Dota2 update forced him to download Gigabytes of files, despite the fact that I only have to download around 200 MBs of files. He then tried the integrity verification and it found 94 errors, and it forced him to download another 2 GBs of update files.

        Unfortunately, his internet connection is quota limited, can I just copy my updated and running Dota2 folder and just pasted over his whole DOtA 2 folder using it?


        • #5
          @ czerny you can. all you have to do is back up your dota2 with steam ( menu , back up and restore ) then give files to your friend and he then restore them and your good to go.
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          • #6
            first thing is my internet connection is quota limited.
            how many downloaded file in one game ?

            after playing i check my quota,
            and i losing big of quota

            sorry for my bad english



            • #7
              feel like pulling my hair or killing someone ... i have followed everything mentioned here but still the bloody patch is stuck at 3.2mb / 27mb is there any way i can get that patch and replace files in the directory manually, this is so frustrating


              • #8
                well, i managed to clear my issue. But it didn't work out in the same order. First of all, the symptoms of my update issues were that it would get stuck at 13.4mb/18bm + (more importantly) it would affect and slow down all the applications (not responding) - even browsing of the files till i ended steam process from task manager.
                So the steps that worked for me were
                1. Clearing the downloading folder
                2. The renaming of clientregistry.blob
                3. And then Verifying the integrity of the game cache
                I guess it was probably because after the renaming and then comparing the files, i got a lot of files missing. And the client started another 113mb of download, during which it didn't pause! So it worked out for me. Hope it helps too.


                • #9
                  I did everything but nothing worked please help ise only thing is install the custom modes to play with my friends but I can not download or install modes other games that have games.

                  look pictures

                  I need helps :C
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