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Russia and North Europe Server Support

This is a sticky topic.
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  • And again - high ping + constantly disconnects

    THANK YOU VALVE FOR ONE MORE SPOILED HOLIDAY, i wish your support team are celebrating this holidays as well as previous, keep paying them for doing nothing (and close this forum)


    • Why should we choose Russia for playing on a Swedish server? What about making a choice for Scandinavia? I live in Norway, have a decent internet connection, and would like to play with other people with a good connection and ok computers (not the coal/steam powered ones). All the d/c's and people that can't even load the game before they timeout is annoying :/


      • Dec/18 / 2013
        9:25AM Pacific Time

        Servers are having some problems , many players are stock on "Game is finished"

        Update :
        10:35 AM , servers are completely down , maybe developers should consider reprogramming dota2 ?

        567.977: Sending UDP connect to public IP
        Retrying public( ...
        573.985: Sending UDP connect to public IP
        Retrying public( ...
        580.012: Sending UDP connect to public IP
        Retrying public( ...
        586.017: Sending UDP connect to public IP
        Retrying public( ...
        592.070: Sending UDP connect to public IP
        Retrying public( ...
        598.088: Sending UDP connect to public IP
        Retrying public( ...
        604.116: Sending UDP connect to public IP
        Retrying public( ...
        610.137: Sending UDP connect to public IP
        RequestPassportData for 70861693
        Retrying public( ...
        616.137: Sending UDP connect to public IP
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        • honestly , servers are buggy in Europe .
          something like search on demand happens , game finds , It goes in , there are like 6-8 players inside , then other 2-4 start to join in , and after that game tells s%1 joined the game , s%1 joined the game , s%1 joined the game

          and then suddenly server crashes !


          • On Russian server I have higher ping than on Europe West server. That's why I play on Europe West only


            • WTH Is happening with europe servers?I keep getting lag spikes and I have 110 ms constantly with no torrent or skype opened?


              • здрасте, надоело, НАДОЕЛО ЭТО ГО*НО!!!! ВИСНЕТ РАЗ В 20 ПАРТИЙ , А РЕКОННЕКТ НЕ РАБОТАЕТ! ЗАЕБ*ЛО!!!! БЕСИТ НАХЕР! ЧТО ЭТО ЗА ХУ*НЯ - Отключение от сервера. Серверу не удалось определить мостоположение игры????


                • Hi ECLUB, this is the response of PLDT in their EMAIL. For the past months i have been contacting them, they can't provide an expected date of fix. But right now, they have given me. Is this the solution of the problem ? or not? Please clarify. Thank you.

                  Dear Sir Julius:

                  Good day.

                  We regret the inconvenience this experience is causing you. There is an international underground cable fault affecting internet users who browse and/or download from international sites. Restoration is on-going and is expected to be completed sometime in January 2014. While restoration may take time, a fault ticket is created to closely monitor this case.

                  Thank you for your forbearance. Should you have further inquiry, you may call our Customer Service at 171 or write us back.

                  ROLF MILLENA
                  Customer Care


                  • Having issues atm that it first takes a long time to find a server, then instant disconnect when you press the accept button and it's impossible to reconnect
                    Volvo, how the fk are we supposed to stick by the rules and not get reported if those rules are different for everyone and there is no one controlling at all why people are reporting someone? Either implement oversight or remove your utterly broken and useless report system


                    • SERVERS AND GAMES ARE DISAPPEARING.EU west servers are completely unstable...


                        80% packet loss


                        • Originally posted by Luk View Post
                          Really need a logical explanation for what is happening. in the last month of the bunker behaving very badly on Russian servers every 5 game just off the casual gamers , there were times when 8 people at a time, shut down , but later all successfully rejoining . Recently, I was again shut off and I could not go to the game, I re went many times and always been able to get data from the server , even re launched Steam with DotA and all of Ranvier to no avail , although internet worked well as Steam. in the end I was given 2 days of reduced priority ! one thing when you do not want to go out and brings you to your internet, and another when it is already the bunker itself can not be tolerated


                          • calm down, nobody cares about our problems.
                            10am-5pm - 80 ping.
                            5pm-8pm - 200 ping.
                            8pm-1am - 500 ping.
                            Thank you.


                            • I've got problem with ending game. After match and quiting to menu game says match is still going and only way to play is to escape game. I'm afraid that I can be tagged as lower profile :/ And of course i don't get any Battle Points.


                              • Today AGAIN. 7pm - 200 ping. What the hell?

                                Can anybody get any answer?
                                Last edited by bitechaface; 01-12-2014, 06:55 AM.