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Massive FPS drop due to cursor movement?

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  • Massive FPS drop due to cursor movement?

    Hi guys.. well the title says it all....
    here is a screenshot with the cursor being stationary

    and here's one when i move my cursor
    i play with low graphics but it's very much playable(even though having a ping of 200+ cuz im from SEA).. it was bearable but the drop in FPS isn't..
    if any of you know the solution to this problem, please do tell(or kindly refer me to a thread where in a similar problem has been given a solution)
    and tell me also if you think there is another reason behind the drop in FPS aside from the cursor..
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    bump... T^T


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      Tried , seems that i have ~15 fps drop while moving mouse..

      How to win a game in 15 minutes


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        what do you mean by tried?? got the same problem as me?? i tried changing the cursor icons and FPS still drops...


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          Hey Keyron! First of all - what CPU do you have? It's rather huge fps drop from cursor movement, this shouldn't happen at all.
          Secondly, cursor movement always uses CPU, you can test it at your desktop - open task manager and see how CPU usage jumps on explorer.exe process when you actively moovinf mouse on desktop. If you have good mouse and it's polling rate set to like 1000Mhz it will affect your cpu.

          Now what you should do:
          1. Open steam library, there right click dota 2 and select properties. there click set launch options. Paste in that popped up window this line:
          -novid -threads 2 -useforcedmparms -international -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd +dota_embers 0 dota_embers 0

          2. Secondly you should disable mouse smooth movent in windows control panel, it also affects CPU load by averages every two of new mouse pointer positions. Go to control panel, type in the search field mouse and open mouse properties. Here the screen of that option, make everything like on screen:

          3. If nothing helped you can try to use my config files, you should paste them there:
          {Your hard drive}:\{Folder where steam installed}\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg

          Here these two files in rar:

          If nothing helped i could check myself through teamviever 7 if you want.
          Last edited by Shadowflame; 04-29-2013, 02:12 AM.


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            hey mr SF/Shadowflame, first i'd like to thank you for replying to my post... first what CPU do you have.. are you referring to my CPU specs? and please understand, uhmm i dont speak... programmer xD..but ill try to respond in the way that i understood your question..
            i know that my pc may be considered old but i know it surpasses the minimum requirements(maybe?), considering that "cursor movement" can heavily affect game play is just bonkers..i did some research and saw other people having the same problem but not in DOTA 2... they fixed their problems by disabling their Anti-Aliasing, restoring to default and changing it to the customary settings and vysnc off, i tried those but it failed on me, they say it may be related to the drivers, i already updated my drivers, same results.
            i tried what you told me.. Step 1 and Step 2, still didnt work..and btw here's an ss of the CPU usage on the explorer.exe when i moved my mouse( it's not a gaming mouse)

            and step 3 says "Error
            This document is available only to its owner."
            and sorry for the weird file names.. Lol xD
            Last edited by keyron23; 04-29-2013, 03:02 AM. Reason: teehee


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              Sorry that didn't help( If you updated your drivers and the problem still persists - the best solution would be if you alllow me to see for myself through programm called teamviewer. Here is the link:

              Add me on steam, here is myprofile:

              ps this programm is the remote desktop, commonly used in tech support, that establishes session between to computers and thus will allow me to control your mouse and computer. so don't be afraid, i'm not hacker or something like that)


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                i dont know if this is gonna be the solution to everyone who experiences the same problem as me, but i ran steam on a different user and it showed no signs of FPS drops..

                much thanks to Shadowflame for all his help!!