Hello Dota 2 Dev support team,

could you please help me out.

1. I created a lobby Custom Lobby -> Create (Server Luxembourg) -> Start Game.
2. Then I am trying to download the lobby game, but I only see the "download replay" button and when I press it it doesnīt download the game.
3. When I go to Watch -> tournaments -> Uprise Champions Cup (a tournament with games being played today) -> Effects vs Burden United and click on "download replay" I can download and watch it.

As you can see here on this picture:
Left side: My lobby game, canīt download it.
Right side: The tournament game, can download it.

Whatīs the problem? Why is it not working? I tried it here on my smurf. One month ago I tried the same on my main account and on both I am unable to download lobby games that I created, but I am able to download tournament games on both just fine.

Please help me out I really want to watch the lobby game replay.

Kind regards,