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Attack speed tooltip for heroes with non-standard BAT is wrong

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  • Attack speed tooltip for heroes with non-standard BAT is wrong

    Actually I found some ppl have already reported it, but I want bring it to the right board.

    First of all, there is no clue what this so-called "attack speed" really means. It may be an absolute value or relative value, BUT WHATEVER IT IS, the values for non-standard BAT hereos are WRONG.

    Example 1:

    Standard bat hero: Mirana

    At level 1, she has 20 AGI, therefore her AP is 120 (just as shown). It may be an relative value, just means 120% of her base attack speed (0.5882); or an absolute number, where we consider attack time of 1.7 (or attack speed 1/1.7=0.5882) as 100.

    Exmaple 2:

    Non-standard BAT hero: AM

    At level 1, he has 22 AGI. If we're consider AP is relative, his AP should be just 122 (means 122% of his base attack speed, 1/1.45=0.6897). If this number is absolute, his AP should be: [(1.22/1.45)/(1/1.7)]*100=143.

    BUT, it shows, AM's AP is 139. I know how they get this number, though: they just use the equation 1.7/1.45*100+22, which has NO actual MEANING at all. Because you CAN'T just transform difference of BAT into purely percent AP, in this case, (1.7/1.45-1)*100~=17. the more IAS you got, the more absolute attack speed you will gain from a lower BAT, the benefit is not constant as just 17.
    Last edited by fireattack; 12-26-2016, 07:11 PM.

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    There's a AS limit, same with MS limit (i didn't read your post just saying), in any means either it's bugged or it's based on warcraft 3's several different attack types etc.


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      For those of you that did not understand this wall of text:

      This is lvl 1 troll warlord in ranged form.

      He has 21 agility and 121 attack speed. Every thing is fine.

      This is in melee form:

      His attack speed changed to 131. It should remain as 121 since Base Attack Time does not directly affect attack speed

      Confirmed and added.
      Known Tooltips and UI information Issues List
      Unreleased heroes data:

      Hero Balance Compilation 6.48 onwards
      Items and Other Balance compilation 6.48 onwards
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        This is still bugged. Also, since now AS is displayed by default, it's more confusing than before.