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Wanted: Loadscreen Tip Suggestions (Updated: 2-13-2014)

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Wanted: Loadscreen Tip Suggestions (Updated: 2-13-2014)

    Hey folks!

    Want to help us put better and more informative loadscreen tips into the game? We want your suggestions!

    Here are the requirements:
    • Tips must be no more than 140 characters long (the length of a Twitter post), including spaces.
    • Please include a suggestion for what category you think your tip should become a part of.

    Here are the categories of loadscreen tips:
    • UNIVERSAL TIPS: These are displayed to players with more than 25 games played, and are used to inform players about things outside of the actual gameplay, such as UI features.
    • BEGINNER TIPS: These are displayed to players with 25 to 150 games played. They should include information about the basic mechanics of gameplay (such as the benefits of STR, AGI and INT on hero stats), or the kind of information that would make a beginner player more pleasant to play with (such as teaching sharing healing items, or minimap awareness). Be careful about using Dota-specific terminolgy or assumed knowledge that a newcomer might not know (e.g. creep equilibrium, what a trilane is, BKB, etc.). NOTE: This category is already fairly well stocked, due to the limited window that these tips are displayed.
    • INTERMEDIATE TIPS: These are displayed to players with 75 or more games. These tips are for players who are moving beyond a beginner's understanding of game mechanics, and are ready to learn some of the trickier or more subltle aspects of gameplay, such as sample situations of when to purchase a particular item, the different kinds of damage, or creep stacking.
    • ADVANCED TIPS: These are displayed to players with 150 or more games. Now we can talk start talking about maximizing a player's knowledge, and introduce them to ideas such as Armlet Toggling and unit micro management. The sky is the limit for these tips, though we would prefer not to get into too many hero-specific strategies since they are not universally applicable to most players.

    Also, here's our current list of load screen tips for you to look through:
    Feb 13 2015 Loadscreen tips.txt (last updated: February 13th 2014)

    We'll keep an eye on this thread, and from time to time we'll choose the best tips to put into the game. Thanks, everyone!

    UPDATE Feb 13 2014: A tidy bundle of new loading screen tips have been added for New Bloom. Thanks!
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  • #2
    Beginner: You can use items while being silenced.


    • #3
      Intermediate: You can block your lane creeps to achieve better lane control (Or something related to creep blocking)
      Join the Master Race today -


      • #4
        Intermediate: By denying, creep pulling, and last hitting, you're keeping the line where creeps meet, closer to your tower and thus safer.

        (Poor wording but I feel that a tip that describes why creep equilibrium so important is great)


        • #5
          Beginner: Physical damage from spells can be completely negated while in Etheral form, from a Ghost scepter or Decripfy.
          Intermediate: You can stack multiple camps at once by cutting trees at good locations, or using large area of effect abilities.
          Intermediate: Enhanced damage is not reduced by magic resistance, armour, or Magic immunity.
          Advanced: You can use bottle directly after leaving the fountain (E.G using TP scroll or BoT) without losing charges.
          Advanced: You can use manta style to remove many buffs from your hero, and to dodge projectiles.
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          Originally posted by Typhox
          Nope. Windows Explorer is not a database
          Take a look into the mirror! You think you are completely unfailable. With your limited knowledge, you think that you know more than someone who is very deep in the matter/an expert.


          • #6
            Advanced: Destroying enemy towers, warding and pushing lanes will help you gain map control.

            Advanced: If you can't win 5v5 fights, consider other approaches like split-pushing, picks off and forcing 4v5 fights.

            Advanced: Hero roles are important. You should know what role you will be playing before the creeps spawn.

            Advanced: Punish your opponents for making mistakes while avoiding making any yourself.

            Advanced: To maximize your farm, try killing neutrals in between creep waves.

            My English sucks sorry.
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            • #7
              Intermediate: Tower agro can be reset by A-clicking an allied unit in the tower's range.


              • #8
                advanced: you can aggro the enemy creeps by a-clicking on the enemy hero to get them closer to your tower/farm safer/manipulate the creep equillibrium.
                advanced: you can harass the enemy hero by a-clicking him from far away, you won't trigger creep aggro

                both maybe with the exact range respectively, my wording sucks, but the info is a must i'd say
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                • #9
                  Beginner: Stun durations from different skills do not stack. Time your skills along with your allies' to disable enemies for the longest possible time.


                  • #10
                    Advanced: You can use bottle directly after leaving the fountain (E.G using TP scroll or BoT) without losing charges.
                    That's a bug and I don't see why they should tell people to abuse a bug.


                    • #11
                      btw: is the time the loading screen is displayed only depending on the power of your pc? or is there something like a minimum display time for those tips/time to read?
                      and what about different languages? i guess English comes first but, esp. for non-english speaking beginners it would be good but one step after another i guess ^^


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by ischtar View Post
                        btw: is the time the loading screen is displayed only depending on the power of your pc? or is there something like a minimum display time for those tips/time to read?
                        and what about different languages? i guess English comes first but, esp. for non-english speaking beginners it would be good but one step after another i guess ^^
                        All on screen tips are going throw STS (steam translation servers) once, valve adds them into the game. ( more infos here )
                        If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


                        • #13
                          BEGINNER TIPS:

                          1. Most heroes have 1800/800 vision, some heroes, skills and items can provide different types and ranges of vision.
                          2. Turning magic immune will remove several debuffs, such as slows and stuns.
                          INTERMEDIATE TIPS

                          1. A line of sight blockers around the Rosh Pit will prevent you from getting vision in that area, and you can't place a ward inside the Pit.
                          2. Universal damage type can go through magic immunity but is affected by magic resistance.
                          3. Doom and Rupture can only be removed by death or the end of their duration.
                          4. Same or similar auras don't stack with each other and the aura with the best effect will take place.
                          5. Windwalk invisibility will grant the affected unit 0 collision size.
                          6. Some projectiles can be evaded by going invisible.
                          7. Using Force Staff will not break Slark's leash.

                          ADVANCED TIPS:

                          1. Dead units keep 500 vision in the location of their death for X seconds (I don't know what's the value in Dota 2).
                          2. Using a Windwalk based invisibility spell will not break channeling. Meld is an exception. (Note to devs, Shadow Dance is bugged in Dota 2 and breaks channeling spells)
                          3. Invisible units cannot be affected by Ensnare or Entangle, but will be revealed for the duration of the Ensnare/Entangle if they turn invisible after they're affected by it.
                          4. Auras can affect magic immune units.
                          5. You can perform actions freely during the fade time of an invisibility spell without breaking the invisibility.
                          6. Counter Helix and Return proc at the start of an attack, not at the time of damage.
                          7. Shadow Blade's bonus damage is a separate instance of damage.
                          8. Zero damage Cleave will aggro neutral creeps. (Razor and Tidebringer)

                          Additionally, you can mention what vision spells give, but that's too broad.


                          • #14
                            Intermediate: You can use Techies Land Mines to do damage to buildings


                            • #15
                              Advanced tip:

                              Mirror Image type of illusion spells include: item Manta Style, Nagas Mirror Image, Chaos Knight Phantasm. They remove debuffs then casted, provide invulnerability for short period of time and disjoint projectiles.

                              Windwalk type of invisibility spells include: Bounty Hunters Shadow Walk, Weavers Shukuchi, Clinkz Skeleton Walk, item Shadow Blade, Phantom Lancers Doppelwalk, Nyx Vendeta, Invokers Ghost Walk. They have no cast point and can be used while channeling.

                              Hex disables a lot of passives: evasion, damage block, Radiance and True Sight.

                              By the way why don't you add those tips to pre game screen there player loading status is shown?
                              Known Tooltips and UI information Issues List
                              Unreleased heroes data:

                              Hero Balance Compilation 6.48 onwards
                              Items and Other Balance compilation 6.48 onwards
                              Dota 1 6.81c Test Map