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Wanted: Loadscreen Tip Suggestions (Updated: 2-13-2014)

This is a sticky topic.
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    Expert: This load screen image, that you payed for, is stretched and looks weird because you have a 16:10 monitor.


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      Beginner: "When game is going full retard, you can only go with it. If you start going against it, if you start going half retard, you´re fucking done for."
      Intermediate: You can attack allied heroes that are about to die. Use this to deny your enemy the gold and experience gained from kills - Similar to the creep message


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        Intermediate: Any hero can purchase wards. The life you save may be your own.


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          This is intermediate-advanced:
          Attack and use Low CD Spells before you die in a undodgeable death.
          something like that it can be redacted


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            Advanced: Switching your power threads to agility when you are regenerating either health or mana helps you regenerate faster. This is because you lower your current HP and mana pool. Same can be applied by dropping items that give you the mentioned attributes.

            Too long and I'm bad at redacting, but you get the idea.


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              Advanced: Lifesteal from items is disabled during Legion Commander's Duel.
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              What if I'm not a superhero? What if I'm the bad guy?

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                Intermediate: You can attack allied heroes that are about to die. Use this to deny your enemy the gold and experience gained from kills - Similar to the creep message
                No, you can't.

                You can only deny allied heroes if they're affected by specific skills.


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                  Originally posted by Noo View Post
                  That's a bug and I don't see why they should tell people to abuse a bug.
                  That's not a bug that's how it's supposed to work because you also keep regening after you tp from fountain to a tower, etc. else it would be awful to tp to a lane from fountain.


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                    Here's some of mine from Reddit.

                    BEGINNER TIPS:
                    * Towers reveal invisible heroes and wards, you don't need to place sentry wards near them. (I actually had several guys warding near the towers)
                    * You can deny your own tower to the enemy that have less than 10% Health.

                    INTERMEDIATE TIPS:
                    * Know your own and others role in a teamfight.
                    * Check your teammates inventory before buying passive area-of-effect items to avoid unnecessary purchases.
                    * As a jungler, be wary of you lane and expect incoming ganks. The enemy team usually know where to find you.
                    * Utilize the terrain's height. Enemies below can't see you, but you see them.
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                      INTERMEDIATE: Dispels and Purges can remove most buffs and debuffs. For instance, you can purge Ghost Form with Diffusal Blade.

                      INTERMEDIATE: Piercing damage is a rare damage type that is very effective against creeps. Venomancer's Plague Wards deal such damage.

                      INTERMEDIATE: HP Removal damage ignores all damage reductions and amplifications but does not interrupt items like Healing Salve.

                      ADVANCED: Manually casting Unique Attack Modifier abilities like Drow Ranger's Frost Arrows will not cause nearby enemy creeps to attack you.

                      UNIVERSAL: You can download your match replays from the Career Profile menu. A good way to improve is by analyzing your plays from a new perspective!

                      UNIVERSAL: Never underestimate the power of high morale! Utilize positive reinforcement as a way to break conflicts and to keep your teammates focused.
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                        Beginner Tips: Some early Aura items and abilities can push lanes and may want to not be taken or should be toggled off early on.
                        Cheese can be sold for 500 gold.
                        Some consumables can be shared such as tango's and town portal scrolls.

                        Intermediate Tips: Eul's and Manta remove certain debuffs such as silence.
                        Soul Ring increases your mana pool temporarily if the extra mana goes over your mana limit.
                        More Attack Speed starts becoming inefficient if you have enough as there is a limit.
                        You still gain Experience if dead with a Bloodstone.
                        Pure damage cannot be reduced by spell resistance but can also not be amplified.
                        Smoke of Deceit is unaffected by True Sight allowing you to bypass towers to gank.


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                          Originally posted by Gsx View Post
                          Beginner: "When game is going full retard, you can only go with it. If you start going against it, if you start going half retard, you´re fucking done for."
                          Intermediate: You can attack allied heroes that are about to die. Use this to deny your enemy the gold and experience gained from kills - Similar to the creep message
                          Intermediate: You can deny allied heroes under the effect of Venomancer's Poison Sting, Queen of Pain's Shadow Strike, or Doom's Doom to deny your enemy gold and experience.

                          Advanced: An allied Phoenix under the effects of Supernova can be denied once its HP is under 50%.

                          Intermediate: Use a Ghost Scepter to avoid all sources of physical damage, including but not limited to Alchemist's Unstable Concoction, Dazzle's Shadow Wave, and Techies' Suicide Squad, Attack!.

                          Beginner: Diffusal Blade's Purge can be used to destroy Gyromancer's Homing Missile.

                          Beginner: Items are not silenced when using Juggernaut's Omnislash.

                          Beginner: Use Shadow Blade while channeling spells to avoid enemy attacks!
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                            Is there a tootip about Auras and Illusions on intermediate yet?

                            Intermediate : Illusions will not benefit from aura effects, but they can spread the original hero's auras to other players.
                            Intermediate: Illusions can burn enemies with Radiance's aura, but the burn will not stack with other Radiances.

                            Another funky thing about Illusions I'm not sure is mentioned anywhere is that Illusions will get the AS benefits from Yasha, S&Y and Manta for some reason.
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                              I'd like to see advanced tips with specific numbers in them. For example,

                              "Aside from Meepo and Visage, all heroes have 25% base magic resistance. Creeps have 0% base magic resistance."

                              "A denied creep divides 36 experience among enemy heroes within 1300 range, as opposed to the normal 62 (for melee creeps) or 41 (for ranged creeps).

                              "Every point in strength increases a hero's maximum health by 19 and its health regeneration by 0.03 HP per second. "

                              "Every point in agility increases a hero's attack speed by 1. Every 7 points in agility increases a hero's armor by 1."

                              "Every point in intelligence increases a hero's maximum mana by 13 and its mana regeneration by 0.04 mana per second."

                              "Evasion does not use pseudo-random distribution."

                              "Critical strike, bash, damage block, chain lightning, and maim generally all use pseudo-random distribution."

                              "Mutes, like Doom and Duel, disable critical strikes, cleaves, bashes, evasion, and most Unique Attack Modifiers and sources of lifesteal."

                              "Each player receives 1 unreliable gold every 0.6 seconds, which results in 100 gold every minute."

                              "When multiple sources of damage block are present, the source with the highest possible damage reduction is checked first, and other sources will be checked only if it does not proc."

                              "Every time a hero dies, they lose 30 times their level in unreliable gold. Dying never takes away reliable gold."

                              "Buying back takes away from your reliable gold pool first, and the cost increases based on your hero level and gametime."

                              "After buying back, 25% of your hero's remaining respawn time will be added to your next death. Additionally, heroes are unable to gain unreliable gold until their respawn time would have finished."

                              "Buyback has a cooldown of 6 minutes."

                              "The minimum movement speed is 100. With the exceptions of Bloodseeker with Thirst and Faceless Void in Chronosphere, the maximum movement speed is 522."

                              "Movement speed bonuses from multiple Boots of Speed, multiple Yashas, or multiple Drums of Endurance do not stack."

                              "Prior to 7:30, the safe-lane creeps have 406 movement speed for 15 seconds after they spawn, while the corresponding hard-lane creeps have 243 movement speed for 15 seconds after they spawn. All other lane creeps have a base movement speed of 325."

                              "The first wave of creeps has 3 melee creeps and 1 ranged creep, and every seventh wave will have a siege creep (starting at 3:00). At 17:30, 34:00, and 50:30, an extra melee creep is added. At 45:30, an extra ranged creep is added. At 48:30, an extra siege creep is added to every seventh wave."

                              "Every 7 minutes 30 seconds, melee and ranged creeps will receive permanent damage and health bonuses."

                              "Every 4 minutes (starting at first lane creep spawn) Roshan gains 500 HP, 10 damage, and 0.5 armor."

                              "Most heroes have a base turn rate between 0.4 and 0.6."

                              "Melee heroes usually have a base attack range of 128 units. Exceptions include Doom (150) and Tiny with an Aghanim's Scepter (235)."

                              "Ranged units have a 25% chance to miss when firing uphill. Melee units do not have a chance to miss."

                              "Most heroes have a base attack time of 1.7."

                              "A hero's maximum attack speed is +400 (five times its base attack time), and its minimum attack speed is -80 (one-fifth of its base attack time)."

                              "Cleave damage is reduced by armor type and damage block, but not by armor value."

                              "There are six armor types: Unarmored, Light, Medium, Heavy, Fortified, and Hero."

                              "There are six damage types: Magical, Physical, Pure, Composite, HP Removal, and Universal."

                              "Many projectiles can be disjointed by blinking or becoming invisible. Transformations (like Alchemist's Chemical Rage) and mirror images (like with Manta Style) can also disjoint."

                              "Illusions do not benefit from items nor abilities granting flat damage, armor, attack speed (except from Yasha), or health or mana regeneration. They also do not benefit from lifesteal, bash chance, cleave, damage block, magic resistance from items, or maim chance.

                              "Illusions benefit from attribute points, critical strike, evasion, truestrike, truesight, movement speed, health, mana, magic resistance from abilities, and attack speed from Yasha."

                              "Illusions will generally provide any auras that the original hero has, but they may not personally benefit from them."

                              "Hex disables evasion, damage block, truesight, and Radiance burn damage. Movement speed bonuses persist through hexes."

                              "Towers can be denied once they have 10% of their maximum health or less."

                              "All towers have a sight range of 1900 by day and 800 by night. Their attack range is 700, and their truesight radius is 900."

                              "Ancients have a sight range of 1800 during both day and night. They also have a truesight radius of 900."

                              "Melee Barracks have 1500 hit points and regenerate 5 HP per second. Ranged Barracks only have 1200 hit points and do not regenerate."

                              "Barracks have a sight range of 900 by day and 600 by night. They do not have truesight, but do have backdoor protection."

                              "Fountains regenerate 4% of your maximum HP and mana per second, plus an additional 14 mana per second. Therefore, dropping items that provide flat mana speeds up the process."

                              "Backdoor protection causes the building to take 25% damage from illusions and 75% damage from other units. If a backdoor-protected building is damaged by an enemy, it will regenerate the lost health at a rate of 90 HP per second."

                              "All buildings except for the tier 1 towers (the outermost ones) possess backdoor protection. All tier 3 towers (by the barracks) drop their backdoor protection if enemy creeps are anywhere in the base."

                              "Tier 1 towers (the outermost ones) attack slightly slower than the other ones, with a 1.00 base attack time compared to 0.95."

                              "The team-wide gold bounty for destroying a tower is greater the closer that tower was to the enemy's ancient (ranging from 264 to 405 gold per teammate). Denying a tower reduces the team-wide gold bounty (ranging from 100 to 160 gold per teammate).

                              "If a hero gets the last hit on a tower, he receives an additional 150-250 unreliable gold."

                              "Gem of True Sight's effect is disabled while being carried by a courier."

                              "Shareable non-consumable items include Sage's Mask, Ring of Regen, Bottle, Ring of Health, Void Stone, Perseverance, and Gem of True Sight."

                              "Damage block, critical strike, and evasion "chance stack", meaning when there are multiple instances, they are each given an opportunity to apply their effects, in order of highest effect to lowest."

                              "Autocast abilities, like Clinkz's Searing Arrows, will not aggro creeps if manually cast."

                              The wiki is very useful for finding these specific numbers and obscure mechanics. Thank you for reading.
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                                Advanced: ShadowBlade can be activated while channeling TPs and some Ultimates.(CM)
                                Beginner: Multiple Mekanisms on a team do not stack healing.
                                Advanced: Shadow Shamans Serpent Wards have a bounty of 26-38 gold. More then triple a jungle camp, don't ignore them.
                                Advanced: Broodmothers passive Incapacitating Bite gives her more evasion then PA!
                                Advanced: If Meepo grabs a double damage rune all Meepos in the vicinity also get double damage.
                                Intermediate: Zues's Lighting Bolt can interrupt channeling abilities as well as reveal invisible units and wards.