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[Abaddon] Proposal to tweak and fix his spell tooltips (including a demo version)

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  • [Abaddon] Proposal to tweak and fix his spell tooltips (including a demo version)

    In the image, on the left side you can see the current tooltips (with ALT being held), and on the right side, you see my modified versions (also with ALT being held).

    Current issues:

    * Mist Coil has damage and heal put in one line. Holding ALT shows amplified values. This is fine for the damage, but incorrect for the heal, as heals are not amplified.
    * Mist Coil has no extra notes, but definitely has stuff needing mentioning, like disjointability, spell immunity interaction and the fact that the self damage is pure and lethal.
    * Aphotic Shield doesn't tell you its damage type (magical). Note: Adding this to the tooltip will require disabling spell damage calculation for the shield health value.
    * There is no line for Aphotic Shield's aoe damage. Since the aoe damage is independent from the shield health, and is affected by spell damage amp (unlike shield health), it should hav its own line which can show amplified values.
    * Aphotic Shield has no extra notes. Should have note for burst damage applying on expiring or getting dispelled, and note for it being inactive on Abaddon during Borrowed Time (and a note saying that it doesn't affect invisible/fogged units, I forgot to include this in my modified version).
    * Curse of Avernus has no extra notes. Needs note telling illusion interaction, building interaction, and buff/debuff placement timings.
    * Borrowed Time description is out of style and can make use of a style update. The usage of "you" and "will" in it seems off.
    * Borrowed Time needs a note saying that the damage instance triggering Borrowed Time passively is not turned into heals.


    Here are the modified sections of dota_english.txt and npc_abilities.txt required for these changes and additions. Changed values are marked red and new values are marked blue.

    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_death_coil"					"Mist Coil"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_death_coil_Description"		"Abaddon releases a coil of deathly mist that can damage an enemy unit or heal a friendly unit at the cost of some of Abaddon's health."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_death_coil_Lore"				"A mysterious vapor from the Font of Avernus now infuses the breath of Abaddon, who releases it at will."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_death_coil_target_damage"		"TARGET DAMAGE:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_death_coil_heal_amount"		"TARGET HEAL:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_death_coil_self_damage"		"SELF DAMAGE:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_death_coil_Note0"				"The damage to self is Pure damage and can be used to deny oneself."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_death_coil_Note1"				"Can target spell immune allies, but not enemies. Self damage pierces spell immunity."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_death_coil_Note2"				"The projectile travels at a speed of 1600 and can be disjointed."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield"				"Aphotic Shield"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield_Description"	"Summons dark energies around an ally unit, creating a shield that absorbs a set amount of damage before expiring. When the shield is destroyed it will burst and deal damage equal to the amount it could absorb to an area around it. Removes certain types of negative buffs and stuns on cast.\n\nDISPEL TYPE: Strong Dispel"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield_Lore"			"The powers of the black mist rise to absorb attacks like the black mist absorbs light."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield_duration"		"DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield_damage_absorb"	"MAX DAMAGE ABSORBED:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield_damage_tooltip"	"BURST DAMAGE:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield_radius"		"BURST RADIUS:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield_Note0"			"The burst damage is always applied, even upon expiring or getting dispelled."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield_Note1"			"Burst damage does not hit invisible or fogged enemies."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_aphotic_shield_Note2"			"Does not block damage on Abaddon while Borrowed Time is active."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne"					"Curse of Avernus"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_Description"		"Abaddon strikes an enemy with chilling curse on each attack, causing all units who attack the slowed enemy to gain increased movement speed, along with faster attack speed, for a limited time."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_Lore"				"The curse that slows an enemy, speeds an ally."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_debuff_duration"	"DEBUFF DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_buff_duration"	"BUFF DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_slow_pct"			"%MOVEMENT SLOW:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_attack_slow_tooltip"			"ATTACK SLOW:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_attack_speed"		"ATTACK SPEED BONUS:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_move_speed_pct"	"%MOVE SPEED BONUS:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_Note0"			"Abaddon's illusions cannot slow, but gain the buff."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_Note1"			"Works against enemy buildings, but not for allied buildings."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_frostmourne_Note2"			"Buff is placed on attack begin, not hit. Debuff is placed on hit."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time"				"Borrowed Time"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_Description"	"Creates a temporary black mist around Abaddon, causing all damage directed at him to heal instead of harm. The mist also dispels most negative effects and stuns upon cast. While not on cooldown, Borrowed Time automaticaly activates whenever Abaddon takes damage while below %hp_threshold% health.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.\n\nDISPEL TYPE: Strong Dispel"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_Lore"			"The most unnatural of all the gifts of the Font of Avernus, this power defies mortal understanding.  What should hurt, instead heals; and what should kill gives strength anew."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_hp_threshold"	"HEALTH THRESHOLD:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_duration"		"DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_duration_scepter"		"SCEPTER DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_redirect_pct_tooltip_scepter"	"%SCEPTER DAMAGE REDIRECT:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_redirect_range_tooltip_scepter"		"SCEPTER REDIRECT RADIUS:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_aghanim_description"	"Increases duration. While Borrowed Time is active, a percentage of all damage taken by allied Heroes in a radius will be redirected to Abaddon."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_Note0"		"Can be manually cast while disabled, but not while silenced. Can automatically activate even while silenced."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_abaddon_borrowed_time_Note1"		"The damage instance which automatically activates Borrowed Time does not heal Abaddon."
    		"npc_dota_hero_abaddon_bio"									"The Font of Avernus is the source of a family's strength, a crack in primal stones from which vapors of prophetic power have issued for generations. Each newborn of the cavernous House Avernus is bathed in the black mist, and by this baptism they are given an innate connection to the mystic energies of the land. They grow up believing themselves fierce protectors of their lineal traditions, the customs of the realm--but what they really are protecting is the Font itself. And the motives of the mist are unclear.
    		When the infant Abaddon was bathed in the Font, they say something went awry. In the child's eyes there flared a light of comprehension that startled all present and set the sacerdotes to whispering. He was raised with every expectation of following the path all scions of Avernus took--to train in war, that in times of need he might lead the family's army in defense of the ancestral lands. But Abaddon was always one apart. Where others trained with weapons, he bent himself to meditation in the presence of the mist. He drank deep from the vapors that welled from the Font, learning to blend his spirit with the potency that flowed from far beneath the House; he became a creature of the black mist.
    		There was bitterness within the House Avernus--elders and young alike accusing him of neglecting his responsibilities. But all such accusations stopped when Abaddon rode into battle, and they saw how the powers of the mist had given him mastery over life and death beyond those of any lord the House had ever known."
    npc_abilities.txt (only Aphotic Shield needs modifications):
    	// Abaddon: Aphotic Shield
    		// General
    		"ID"							"5586"														// unique ID number for this ability.  Do not change this once established or it will invalidate collected stats.
    		"AbilityBehavior"				"DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_UNIT_TARGET"
    		"AbilityUnitTargetTeam"			"DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_TEAM_FRIENDLY"
    		"SpellImmunityType"				"SPELL_IMMUNITY_ALLIES_NO"
    		"SpellDispellableType"			"SPELL_DISPELLABLE_YES"
    		"AbilityUnitDamageType"			"DAMAGE_TYPE_MAGICAL"	
    		"FightRecapLevel"				"1"
    		// Casting
    		"AbilityCastRange"				"500"
    		"AbilityCastPoint"				"0.4"
    		// Time		
    		"AbilityCooldown"				"12.0 10.0 8.0 6.0"
    		// Cost
    		"AbilityManaCost"				"100 105 110 115"
    		// Special
    				"var_type"				"FIELD_FLOAT"
    				"duration"				"15.0"
    				"var_type"				"FIELD_FLOAT"
    				"damage_absorb"			"110 140 170 200"
    				"LinkedSpecialBonus"	"special_bonus_unique_abaddon"
    				"CalculateSpellDamageTooltip"	"0"
    				"var_type"				"FIELD_FLOAT"
    				"damage_tooltip"		"110 140 170 200"
    				"LinkedSpecialBonus"	"special_bonus_unique_abaddon"
    				"var_type"				"FIELD_INTEGER"
    				"radius"				"675"
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