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[Clinkz] Several fixes and additions to his ability & modifier tooltips

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  • [Clinkz] Several fixes and additions to his ability & modifier tooltips

    * Description mentions amount of disjoint charges, which doesn't adapt when the +4 charges talent is chosen.
    * Same for one of the ALT notes, mentions the default amount of charges, which is unnecessary.
    * Buff should mention that it disjoints the next few projectiles.

    Searing Arrows:
    * Second ALT note is wrong, says the opposite of what the ability actually does.
    * The multishot talent isn't clear enough.

    Skeleton Walk:
    * Description doesn't imply a movement speed bonus at all.

    Death Pact:
    * Missing spell immunity interaction info in header.
    * Description doesn't mention the heal of the ability, and doesn't specify that the health/dmg bonuses are based on current health.
    * Buff should show how much dmg/hp is gained exactly.


    And here are the modified dota_english.txt and npc_abilities.txt

    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_strafe"											"Strafe"
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_strafe_Description"								"Clinkz nimbly attacks with a barrage of arrows and avoids ranged attacks. Dramatically increases attack speed for a short time and automatically disjoints a number of projectiles from spells and attacks."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_strafe_Note0"										"Strafe ends when all disjoint stacks are used up."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_strafe_Note1"										"The disjoint happens automatically right before the projectiles would have hit."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_strafe_Note2"										"Only disjoint player-based projectiles."[/COLOR]
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_strafe_Lore"										"It's hard to say whether the blur around the Bone Fletcher is from his flaming heart or his speed with the quiver."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_strafe_attack_speed_bonus_pct"						"BONUS ATTACK SPEED:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_strafe_duration"									"DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_strafe_disjoint_count"								"DISJOINT STACKS:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_searing_arrows"									"Searing Arrows"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_searing_arrows_Description"						"Imbues Clinkz's arrows with fire for extra damage."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_searing_arrows_Lore"								"Clinkz simply lights his arrows from his flaming essence for quite the destructive effect."
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_searing_arrows_Note0"								"Fully works against buildings."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_searing_arrows_Note1"								"Searing Arrow's damage is dealt as a separate instance, and not added to the attack damage."[/COLOR]
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_searing_arrows_damage_bonus"						"BONUS DAMAGE:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_wind_walk"											"Skeleton Walk"
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_wind_walk_Description"								"Clinkz gains movement speed, becomes invisible and gains the ability to move through other units until he attacks or uses an ability."[/COLOR"]
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_wind_walk_Lore"									"With a burst of fire and puff of smoke, the Bone Fletcher was nowhere to be seen."
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_wind_walk_Note0"									"Does not interrupt channeling spells upon cast."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_wind_walk_Note1"									"Actions performed during the fade time do not break the invisibility."[/COLOR"]
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_wind_walk_duration"								"DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_wind_walk_move_speed_bonus_pct"					"%BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED:"
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_wind_walk_fade_time"								"FADE TIME:"[/COLOR]
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_death_pact"										"Death Pact"
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_death_pact_Description"							"Clinkz consumes the target friendly or enemy creep, healing himself and gaining max health and attack damage, based on the creep's current health. The creep is instantly killed."[/COLOR]
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_death_pact_Lore"									"Sutherex' bond of life and death has become a part of Clinkz, and his old bones are refreshed with repetition of the pact on lesser beings."
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_death_pact_Note0"									"Counts as a last hit, so th at Clinkz gets full credits for the creep's death."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_death_pact_Note1"									"The heal upon cast is not temporary, and is kept even after the buff expires."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_death_pact_Note2"									"The damage is added to Clinkz' main damage, so it fully benefits from percentage-based attack damage bonuses."[/COLOR]
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_death_pact_duration"								"DURATION:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_death_pact_health_gain_pct"						"%HEALTH GAIN:"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_clinkz_death_pact_damage_gain_pct"						"%DAMAGE GAIN:"
    		"npc_dota_hero_clinkz_bio"														"At the base of the Bleeding Hills stretches a thousand-league wood, a place called The Hoven, where black pools gather the tarry blood of the uplands, and the king-mage Sutherex sits in benevolent rule. Once a sworn protector of the Hoven lands, Clinkz earned a reputation for his skill with a bow. In the three-hundredth year of the king-mage, the demon Maraxiform rose from sixth hell to lay claim to the forest. In response, the king-mage decreed an unbreakable spell: to any who slew the demon would be granted Life Without End.
    Unaware of the spell, Clinkz waded into battle, defending his lands against the demon's fiery onslaught. Clinkz drove Maraxiform back to the gates of sixth-hell itself, where on that fiery threshold the two locked in a mortal conflict. Grievously wounded, the demon let out a blast of hellfire as Clinkz loosed his final arrow. The arrow struck the demon true as hellfire poured out across the land, lighting the black pools and burning Clinkz alive at the instant of the demon's death. Thus, the mage's spell took effect at the very moment of the archer's conflagration, preserving him in this unholy state, leaving him a being of bones and rage, caught in the very act of dying, carrying hell's breath with him on his journey into eternity."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_special_bonus_unique_clinkz_1"	"+30 Searing Arrows Damage"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_special_bonus_unique_clinkz_2"	"+4s Strafe Stacks/Duration"
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_special_bonus_unique_clinkz_3"	"Searing Arrows Hits 2 Targets"[/COLOR]
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_clinkz_strafe"							"Strafe"
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_clinkz_strafe_Description"				"Gaining %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_ATTACKSPEED_BONUS_CONSTANT% attack speed and disjointing projectiles."[/COLOR]
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_clinkz_wind_walk"						"Skeleton Walk"
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_clinkz_wind_walk_Description"			"Invisible, and movement speed increased by %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_MOVESPEED_BONUS_PERCENTAGE%%%. Can move through units."
    		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_clinkz_death_pact"						"Death Pact"
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_clinkz_death_pact_Description"			"Gaining %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_EXTRA_HEALTH_BONUS% health and %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_BASEATTACK_BONUSDAMAGE% damage."[/COLOR]
    	// Clinkz: Death Pact
    		// General
    		"ID"							"5262"														// unique ID number for this ability.  Do not change this once established or it will invalidate collected stats.
    		"AbilityUnitTargetTeam"			"DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_TEAM_BOTH"
    		"AbilityUnitTargetType"			"DOTA_UNIT_TARGET_CREEP"
    		"AbilityType"					"DOTA_ABILITY_TYPE_ULTIMATE"
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]		"SpellImmunityType"				"SPELL_IMMUNITY_ENEMIES_YES"[/COLOR]
    		"SpellDispellableType"			"SPELL_DISPELLABLE_NO"
    		"AbilitySound"					"Hero_Clinkz.DeathPact"
    		// Casting
    		"AbilityCastRange"				"400"
    		"AbilityCastPoint"				"0.5 0.5 0.5"
    		"AbilityCastAnimation"			"ACT_DOTA_CAST_ABILITY_4"
    		// Time		
    		"AbilityCooldown"				"85"
    		// Cost
    		"AbilityManaCost"				"100 100 100"
    		// Special
    				"var_type"				"FIELD_FLOAT"
    				"duration"				"65"
    				"var_type"				"FIELD_INTEGER"
    				"health_gain_pct"		"40 60 80"
    				"var_type"				"FIELD_FLOAT"
    				"damage_gain_pct"		"4.0 6.0 8.0"
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    Please, just call me buny.

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    becomes invisibility > becomes invisible, in the fixed Skeleton Walk tooltip