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Pause Screen Tip Suggestions

This is a sticky topic.
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    "If you unpause before your opponent returned, you will get advantage"
    "Dont bet on Na'Vi... also versus Na'Vi"
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      "dota_tip_universal_65" "Buildings provide True Sight, revealing invisible units nearby."

      This one is misleading. Barracks, shrines and filler buildings don't provide true sight. Towers, ancients and fountains do.
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        Ember Spirit's Searing Chains can be cast during Sleight of Fist.
        Shadow Fiend can maintain stacks of Shadowraze bonus damage on his enemies indefinitely, as long as he spaces out the casts.
        Storm Spirit can still use all items and abilities, including Town Portal Scroll, during Ball Lightning.
        A Euls's Scepter can prevent Kunkka's X Marks the Spot from pulling the target back.
        A Force Staff is effective against Riki, as one can force out of both Smoke Cloud and Tricks of the Trade.
        Pugna's Nether Ward can deal a surprising amount of damage if ignored during a teamfight.
        Leshrac's Diabolic Edict will continue for it's full duration even if Leshrac dies during it.
        Omniknight's Guardian Angel is a very powerful spell, but the buff can be dispelled with any source of dispel.
        Enchantress's Nature's Attendants' healing is split between all nearby allies, except those already at full health. If you are close to full health, move away to let them heal those who need it more.
        Bounty Hunter can still attack during the fade time of Shadow Walk. This will deal the bonus damage, but will not break the invisibility.
        Spectre's Desolate does not affect units who are close together. Grouping up is an effective way to mitigate her Haunt.
        Gyrocpter's Flak Cannon can be used to damage enemies outside of his attack range.
        Against a Silencer, disengaging from a fight may be a wise idea for the duration of his Global Silence.
        Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison deals exponentially more damage for each stack that is applied.
        Meepo can Poof to his own illusions.
        Unlike most sources of invisibility, Nyx Assassin's Vendetta had no fade time and thus takes effect instantly.
        With his Reactive Armor, Timbersaw can effectively gain health when attacked by units with low damage.
        Units affected by Elder Titan's Echo Stomp will be woken up if they take a significant amount of damage.
        Underlord's Dark Rift can only be cancelled by killing him.
        When Terrorblade uses Reflection, the illusions provide most auras that the original hero has.
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          Originally posted by TheGuywithTheHat View Post
          Enchantress's Nature's Attendants' healing is split between all nearby allies, even some are at full health. If you are already close to full health, move away to let them heal those who need it more.
          This is wrong. The spell ignores full hp units, so they don't soak up healing unnecessarily. They will only search for wounded allies.
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            Good catch, missed that line in the wiki. Edited.


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              Originally posted by Spidersouris
              > This tip currently exists, but armour was changed to be 1 armour per 6 agility, so 1 agility should give 0,17 armour.

              Shouldn't it be 0.16?
              7.13: Reduced armor per agility from 0.17 (1/6) to 0.16.
              Yes and no. Since most values are rounded to 2 digits after the decimal mark, you would have to round 16,66666666% to 17% (0,16666666666 to 0,17).

              Either way, it is not 0,14 (1/7th), but 1/6th.
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              • #37
                As I said before, they are not fractions anymore. They are set reals with 2 decimals. It is 0.16 exactly, not 1/6.

                Example: An Omniknight on level 25 has 10.12 armor (1 + 0.16*57) not 10.5 (1 + (1/6)*57).
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                • #38
                  Hi, gor. Thanks for the feedback!

                  - The tips are grouped into different categories, which are selected based on the number of games you've played. Some are universal, some are for newcomers only, while others only appear after 150 games.

                  - Hero-specific tips should only appear if the associated hero is actually in the game.

                  - The "disable loading screen tips" option does now hide the pause tip screen.

                  - All of the tips are authored to be directly gameplay related or game lore. Are there tips currently in the game that you consider "ad-tips"?

                  Thanks again for the comments, and have a great day!


                  • #39
                    "dota_tip_intermediate_74" "Boots of Travel are canceled of the targeted unit dies while channeling."
                    Typo. Should be "if the targeted", not "of".

                    "dota_tip_advanced_38" "Blade Mail returned damage pierces spell immunity if the original source pierces spell immunity."
                    This note is wrong. Blade Mail doesn't care whether the source pierces or not. Damage reflected by Blade Mail ALWAYS pierces spell immunity, but magical damage gets reduced to 0 due to spell immunity also granting 100% magic res.

                    For example, Purification doesn't pierce spell immunity, but a Repelled enemy Omniknight will take damage from Blade Mail reflecting Purification's damage.

                    "dota_tip_advanced_41" "Items which generate an aura that applies to friendly creeps can be toggled off which then only applies the aura to nearby heroes. Use this to avoid pushing the lane."
                    This tip implies all aurai tems can be toggled. But this only works with Ring of Basilius and Aquila (and WK's Vampiric Aura). No other item can be toggled (Vlads, Drums, Headdress, Mek, Pipe, Assault Cuirass, Guardian Greaves, Dominator).

                    "dota_tip_advanced_42" "Neutral creeps with a slam ability will only use it when 3 or more valid targets are in range."
                    This is not true for the Ancient Prowler. Those guys use their slam even when only 1 valid target is nearby (which is extremely annoying btw).

                    "dota_tip_advanced_45" "An enemy Hero only gains Magic Wand charges if they have vision of you when you cast a spell. You can used this to find enemy wards."
                    Typo. The "used" should be "use".

                    "dota_tip_hero_bloodseeker_2" "Bloodseeker apply Bloodrage to enemies that will further increase the damage they take from all attacks. However it will also increase their attack damage, so should be used very carefully."
                    This tip has really weird grammar.

                    "dota_tip_hero_crystal_maiden_4" "Crystal Maiden's level 15 mana loss reduction talent for Arcane Aura is works against enemies that rely on mana burn for damage, such as Anti-Mage or Nyx."
                    "is works" should be just "works". Also, it would be better to put the full hero name there, and not just "Nyx".

                    "dota_tip_hero_morphling_2" "Morphling can use items and abilities during Waveform, for example Ethereal Blade or Teleport Scroll."
                    "dota_tip_hero_morphling_3" "Morphling can use items during Waveform, for example Ethereal Blade or Teleport Scroll."
                    These 2 tips say the same thing.
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                    • #40
                      New tip regarding the Pure damage type. From what I've read on several different platforms, many people seem to think that pure damage can't be reduced/amplified by anything, which is not the case.

                      - Pure damage, although ignoring magic resistance and armor, is still subject to universal damage reducing or amplifying abilities, like Bristleback, Enrage, Bloodrage and Soul Catcher.
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