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Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Tooltip thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #16
    Enchantress: "Increases attack range while using Impetus."

    Actually it increases base attack range.


    Jakiro: "Increases cast range, distance, and damage."

    According to PD database, it should include all upgrades listed below.
    Number of Flame Strikes: 6 -> 9
    Distance: 900 -> 1350
    Casting range: 850 -> 1150
    interval between each Flame Strike: 0.1 -> 0.05

    Iirc the very first tooltip is correct. Don't know why the updated version left out so much information.
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    • #17
      Jakiro's Ultimate isn't Flamestrikes in Dota2, but rather a Line AoE with a bit of a creation delay.

      The only Problem I see is with the Distance being equal to the Cast Range instead of being 50/200 less.

      There isn't even a creation interval stated in the Data Files, probably an artifact of the Wc3 engine.


      • #18
        Originally posted by BLABLAFU View Post
        Jakiro's Ultimate isn't Flamestrikes in Dota2, but rather a Line AoE with a bit of a creation delay.
        It is actually called ''flame strikes'' by the tooltip, and it specifies the number of them as well. None of it is mentioned on the scepter upgrade now. I just checked this now in the ''Learn'' tab in Dota 2, unless the devs forgot to replace the word ''Flame strike'' with something else.


        • #19
          Perhaps not exactly this thread, but its about agh and tooltip so..

          While spectating match, it would be good for community to be able to see what aghanim does to selected hero, by choosing hero, and then in shop, hovering over agh. At the moment, heroes do have only short "upgradable", but unless they buy it, You cant know what this item does (while spectating, that is). Having easy way to remind is always better and I don't expect this being hard issue.

          // edit:
          there seem to be an issue, where, while spectating, if u choose any hero with agh, all other heroes without agh tooltip is changed as they would have one. It's weird and im not sure is that the correct mechanism, but seems that way.

          // edit2:
          ok, mb my brain malfunction, but I think i saw nothing expect : 'upgradable' on all heroes, then upgradable and stats. Please assume I might not be exact sure what I'm talkin about... on topic: BM ult could mention what is range without agh.
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          • #20
            I missed this thread before and I guess this being here is why my thread on heropedia scepter upgrades got locked, so I'll bring it over here.
            • Brewmaster - No mention of the summoned warriors being stronger.
            • Beastmaster - Lists upgraded cooldown and cast range, but without the regular cast range it isn't clear how large an upgrade it is.
            • Clockwerk - No mention of being able to hook allies.
            • Earthshaker - No mention of effect.
            • Enchantress - It isn't clear that the bonus range is for all attacks and not just Impetus.
            • Gyrocopter - Ultimate not listed at all.
            • Jakiro - Lists upgraded damage and cast range, but without the regular cast range it isn't clear how large an upgrade it is.
            • Lina - Lists upgraded damage and cast range, but without the regular cast range it isn't clear how large an upgrade it is.
            • Night Stalker - Skill description says it's upgradable, but there is no mention of the effect.
            • Ogre Magi - Unrefined Fireblast doesn't mention that it is only available with a scepter. Multicast says upgradable with no effect listed.
            • Pudge - Lists SCEPTER STRENGTH MULTIPLIER, but doesn't explain what that means. No mention of the lifesteal.
            • Pugna - Doesn't mention the scepter upgrade removing the cooldown.
            • Razor - No mention of being able to damage structures with scepter.
            • Vengeful Spirit - No mention of being able to swap creeps with scepter.
            • Viper - Lists upgraded mana cost, cooldown and cast range, but without the regular cast range it isn't clear how large an upgrade it is.
            • Witch Doctor - No mention of death ward attacking multiple targets with scepter.
            • Windrunner - No mention of removing penalties from unique attack modifiers and item effects with scepter.
            That's all in the heropedia, I haven't checked the in-game tooltips.


            • #21
              The reason it was locked is that I linked it in the other stickied thread.


              • #22
                Undying ultimate's tooltip just takes way too much space.

                Currently the Scaling is that the minimum and maximum have a 15% value difference.

                Maybe the tooltip could say something like.

                "the closer to Undying, the more damage that will be taken up to an extra 15% from the listed minimum."

                This could cut down around 3 lines and reduce the amount of numbers in that tooltip.



                • #23
                  Tooltips are bugged on heros with no Aghanim upgrade. Aghanim displays correctly in the shop, but when purchased the ultimate tooltip displays #FIXME_LOCALISATION_FAIL_MISSING_STRING:

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                  • #24
                    Chen's doesn't mention the cooldown reduction.


                    • #25
                      I don't know if someone posted it before, but Lion's AS Tooltip is wrong or confusing.
                      The cooldown is the same thing ( 40 seconds ) without the AS. Look the screenshots:



                      • #26
                        I kinda miss the option to hover over anyone with an upgradeable ultimate, and being able to see all the information, from just hovering over the spell. It could be a part of the "hold-ALT-for-more-information" thing though.

                        Especially when u are spectating games, you wont be able to see what kind of improvements the scepter would provide for the hero.
                        But that you have to go the shop, when you are playing a game, to see what kind of improvements it would provide, is unnecessary. Just make the information as easy to find as possible! No reason not to!
                        I dont know if 10 people have written the same thing i just wrote, cause i didn't read all of the pages of this thread.
                        In case they did, just think of this as a +1! :-)


                        • #27
                          I dont know if this belongs here, but if you have aghanims on ancient apparition, and use your ice blast and look at the description for Release, it says This hero has no upgrade. This might not even be a bug since the aghanims upgrade doesnt really upgrade Release...


                          • #28
                            when the games end. and the stats and items are displayed. if 2 or more player has an agnahim scepter, all the tooltips displays the effect on my character, not the the character wearing it. It would be nice if what I can read on the tooltip is the effect of the character that bought the scepter. Maybe this is a nice to have feature.


                            • #29
                              The aghanim's tooltip for Crystal Maiden says "Aghanim's slow: 50%" which is reffering to the Attack speed slow, even though the only mentioned slow in the tooltip is the movespeed one.


                              • #30
                                The aghanim's tooltip for Sand King misspells the word "increasing".