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2560x1080 (21:9) resolution: map glitch & shop is unusable

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  • 2560x1080 (21:9) resolution: map glitch & shop is unusable


    Two years bug celebration since the first report!

    Direct link to this topic -

    The Problem

    Dota 2 UI is not compatible with 2560x1080 resolution: map border displays with a huge padding and you can't buy items in the shop (HUD overlaps items).


    Solution by desolate

    Looks like Valve has patched the game. The solution is not working for now.

    1. Download dota 2 and unpack to the Dota 2 Steam folder
    2. Right-click dota 2 in library set launch options
    3. Enter -override_vpk -console
    4. Launch game and click on Default HUD


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  • #2
    What kind of resolution is that ? ahah


    • #3
      I've just recently bought one of these monitors (dell U2913WM) and was disappointed to find dota 2 being one of the few games not to support 21:9 correctly. I've taken a screen shot to show the hud issues and hope the developers can take the time to improve the game for those of us playing on enthusiast setups.



      • #4
        They wont fix this, just like Tri monitor support.

        Steps outside of their support Range, 16:9 ; 16:10 or 4:3.
        Sucks but hey, we are like 0.009% of their customer base who would want a fix.

        The most laughable fact is the amount of money these 0.009% customers who actually purchase ingame items.
        Interesting times.
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          Originally posted by QuickdraW View Post
          ...the developers can take the time to improve the game for those of us playing on enthusiast setups.
          I think, we are not the enthusiasts. 21:9 - future.

          For example, SimCity 5 works great on 2560x1080 with 21:9. Normal HUD size, no visual glitches.


          • #6
            One of the problems of being an early adopter, support for the new standard can take awhile to catch-up. I had similar issues when i first moved to a 16:10 display. Dota 2 surprises me though as my other valve games support 21:9 just fine and I've always felt that valve was a developer that provided top-notch support.


            • #7
              I have been having the same issue for half a year now

              I am very disappointed in Valve/Steam lack of motivation to fix minor HUD bug. I also kind of lost interest in Dota 2, since its unplayable on our screens (21:9 the HUD takes half the FoV, 16:9 or the FoV is stretched, or we have big black bars on the side... Either of them greatly impact on our gaming experience).

              I still hope this bug will get fixed, but noticing that we never had any official answer (nor from Steam forums, nor from Valve forums), the seriousness of both companies can be questioned.

              EDIT: And seeing that developers of older games such as Lineage II, or with small budget like Dungeonland, have managed to support this resolution only means that Valve is not putting any effort in fixing this bug. It seems they are more busy filling-up the online store than anything else.

              I was told I shouldn't expect a fix, because we (21:9 owners) are a minority. However, we are growing quickly.
              It is not a problem of "disadvantage" compared to other players, since 2560x1440 and 2560x1600 are supported, and offer even more FoV than 2560x1080.
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              • #8
                Same problem with Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, HUD is going out of screen border on 2560x1080px.
                Valve programmers should reconsider resolution programming in next projects (responsive HUD).

                Battlefield 3, SimCity 5, Civ 5 and many other games - works great on 2560x1080 with same amount of HUD items.
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                • #9
                  Update about CS:GO: They have fixed 21:9 glitch. Dota 2 fix in 2015?


                  • #10
                    fix pls resolution((need 21:9


                    • #11
                      I want to add my complains about this not yet beeing fixed. I think this is one of those really easy bugs which wouldnt take much time or effort at all to fix, but still this goes unfixed.


                      • #12
                        I've just recently bought one of these monitors (asus PB298Q) and was disappointed to find dota 2 being one of the few games not to support 21:9 correctly. So, Valve fix it pls


                        • #13
                          There was a topic about it already: and right here is another one. That means the bug is very common. I have never get an answer from a developer if it will ever be fixed.
                          I understand that there are a lot of claims about bugs and failures but yet I think this is not a user-friendly behaviour to give no answer at all.


                          • #14
                            the problem is that the HUD of the bottom is too large (so it gets bigger on minimap and blocks shop). You can see that the skills, hero icon, etc are HUGE. not proportional. fix pls volvo


                            • #15