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Disruptor kinetic field makes whole screen go blue

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    wow, Opens a developer website for users to report bugs, developers dont check it! If we cant expect fixes from here, please put this website down. Thank You!


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      i've got this issue too. here's a screenshot and a dxdiag. rest of the game runs completely fine on this laptop except for this bug. i've tried verifying game cache with no luck.


      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4000M CPU @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
      Memory: 6144MB RAM
      Card name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
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          Hi guys, I also had the same problem as I you all. I couldn't even come close to team fights and had to look away. I think I managed to fix mine, you will just have too see if this also works for you. In the the dota video settings, in the advanced tab, there is a "new" option available. Think it came with that wraith night update or there about. The name of the setting is "ambient creatures", and when I turned this off, my kinetic field became normal again. Hope this will help the rest of you as well.


          • #50
            it doesn't work

            EDIT: my specs:
            Intel Core i3-3110M @ 2.40GHz
            HD Graphics 4000
            4GB RAM
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              Yeah, sorry my last reply was not quite detailed enough.

              If you have 'Nvidia Geforce Experience' installed then open that up. Go to 'Prefrences' then look for the 'Games' tab on the left side. Tick the 'Recommend optimal settings.

              Navigate back to the Games bar on the top of the screen. Choose the settings icon beneath dota 2, I think this is set to optimal as default. Draw the bar scroller back 2 steps (so it is the second step from right). Apply the settings and enter dota.

              If not, you may have to manually turn the following settings manually down in the dota menu, 'ambient creatures' and 'anti aliasing'.

              Look at the screenshots.



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                BUMP, still after 4 months of problems and reports its not fixed! GJ Valve, you suck so much!


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                  valve pls fix it


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                    Have this going to... Rhasta's ultimate and Meepo's poof ability both get my fps to below 5 instantly! Sucks to play against or with them.


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                      Maybe this was actually a buff to disruptor. Should add this to tooltip:

                      Wrecks FPS of minor computers.
                      Originally posted by Black Isle
                      why the u should be getting ghost scepter to axe anyway
                      Originally posted by The-Beholder
                      He means they become EFFECTIVELY stunned, considering they are unable to move, attack, cast, use items, play the banjo, file their taxes, or find jesus.


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                        I have this problem on Intel HD 3000.


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                          Still not solved. I think it's something related to Intel HD series. It has to be an optimization for those boards...


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                            Still not fixed after patch 6.81


                            • #59
                              Still not fixed


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