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Hero frozes

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  • Hero frozes

    Not sure why or when it occures. But sometimes when i dont move hero (let it be afk) it freezes in time, started with Void couple of days ago, but i thought its cause of model (void, time, stops, etc)..

    So heres the screeny of Tide. I asked others in the tema if its frozen and they confirmed. Sometimes when i TP, press S, or H this happens and sometimes by it self.

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    i also just noticed this with Void.


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      I figured it chip in some here.

      There seems to be certian "stop" animations with the heroes that does not make them go into their "stand still animation"


      I just tried this with Furion. And after 10 minutes of testing it found out that he has 3 different stop animation where he walks to the location and then does something when has no issues ordered.

      1. Does nothing except breathing which seems to be his "stand still animation"
      2. Kicks his foot back and then starts his "stand still animation"
      3. Spins his Staff and then starts his "stand still animation"

      The problem with after 2 he Freezes directly after the kick animation and just stands ther.
      The 3 he just takes 1 big breath then freezes like with the second.
      The 1 has no issues what so ever and he just continues breathing without freezing.

      This is the only hero i have tried this on so far.

      Puck has an stop animation where he lays on his back, when returning to the right positioning the hero will freeze.
      The normal stop animation when he just stops does not freeze there hero in place.

      Earthshaker Has an animation where he slams the ground whit his fists, This Freezes the hero up.
      He also has an animation where he looks to the side twice which also freezes the hero up when he is done.

      Sven just seems to have two idle animation one where he looks to the left from time to time and one where he just stands still. Both seems to work fine.

      Tiny has an animation when he looks to the left that freezes the hero.
      Seems to only have two, the other works fine.

      Beastmaster has one animation that he looks from side to side which freezes the hero and one normal animation which dosent.

      Clockwerk Like Sven this hero only seems to have 2 idle animation an no stop animation that bugs.
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