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juggernaut no visual effects

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  • juggernaut no visual effects

    hi, i just recently acquired a genuine kantusa the script sword. blade fury had no effects what so ever just red trail on sword tip. even yurnero's taunt is not working anymore after the update the other day.
    hope this would be fix asap.......or is it like this from the start?
    Last edited by combatron; 08-16-2014, 08:37 AM.

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    Same here ! i just posted the same thread like you but no one reply and they just deleted my post 30mins ago :|dota_2014_07_27_14_56_47_83_copy.jpg


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      +1 the same problem


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        nazi much?

        the less publicity the less people will care. I ask around and nobody even knows. Yeah sure only a couple thousand people have the kantusa, SO?

        even less people have arcanas yet they get fixed real fast as requested. And I thought this is a place for devs.

        I think devs grew tired of this forum and seek fun&bug feedback on le reddit instead



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          wew even my fireborn odachi is bugged. missing the CRIT effects. damn


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              At last i share the same fate people


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                  you ask us to stop spammin but, very sad fact is that admins only notice spams and do not respond to issues that is depicted by users..... at least tell us when are they going to handle this kantusa issue. for us to be calm and even if you say its gonna be in month or two we will w8 and know that we were answered.... in my case no one answered.. so i want everyone know that this issue exists for 5 months already..... and we invested shit load of money for cosmetic item, and yes i am bit angry about it

                  so this is how developers treat their loyal clients :@ i wanna cry i am juggernauuut bitcheezzz


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                    well said bro, well said,.. I myself is a juggernaut motherf*cking player, feels the same way....


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                      up boys


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                          Temporary fix., not as epic as the original effects but its better than nothing.


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                            - Fixed effects attached to Whale Blade, Kantusa and several other items not always drawing properly
                            Update for today....

                            STILL NOT FIXED


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                              Patch says it's fixed, I bought the sword, and STILL NOT WORKING! Did i throw away money cause valve lied?