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PA Blur visual effect should be the opposite way around.

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  • PA Blur visual effect should be the opposite way around.

    The PA change in the recent patch was a bit of a strange one. Kind of a nerf, she probably benefits less from being invisible whilst afk farming a lane or walking around the map (ie under wards), since half decent players will check the lane and know that she's there anyway, or PA would be smoked. She used to be dangerous because she could be in amongst your supports, invisible on the map, and yet quietly blowing them up with crits. All you'd hear was the sound of blood splatter and the 'rngg' in allchat.

    So that was a curious change, but worse still is that the visual blur effect was also reversed, meaning that you're now blurry when nobody is around... so, for actual world logic reasons this makes no sense, when nobody is actually looking at her.. she's blurry. When they're near by in her lane or ganking her and actually looking at your character on screen, she won't be blurry (which you'd think is exactly when she 'needs' to be elusive and hard to hit).

    It would work better like this:
    - PA disappears from the minimap when outside of range of enemy heroes. [optional: On enemy heroes screens her model is blurry.]
    - PA model is visually blurry and indistinct when enemy heroes are within range. [optional: On enemy screens it is no longer blurry.]

    Another part of this is that the whole point of the ability (besides the evasion) is for PA to be able to tell if people are in the fog approaching her, or when she's ganking herself, she knows enemies are nearby. It would be far more noticeable to the PA player if the blur effect appears when that condition is true. It's harder to immediately notice when the effect has turned off (additionally the blur visual effect is just downright annoying to tolerate for longer periods, like when farming).
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