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Trouble using Pudge dismember after hook

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  • Trouble using Pudge dismember after hook

    During my last few games, I missed a lot of my dismembers after a successful hook.

    When I click dismember to cast it, it won't let me click on myself (of course) but the area over Pudge which disallows me to click myself is way too large.

    Right after the hook, the enemy is right next to Pudge but if I try to dismember right away, it assumes that I am trying to click myself and won't let me cast the spell... resulting in the enemy getting away with windwalk or a stun.

    This isn't a simple misclick as it happened all the time and I am confident in my clicking accuracy.

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    You could be right. It is kind of hard to dismember right after hook.
    Personally, I supposed it might have something to do with the time Pudge is disabled after hooking. It is much higher in DotA2 than in DotA1. In DotA1 you could walk during the final moments of a hook enabling you to curve it sightly or cast Force Staff on yourself to enlarge the hook.
    Completely impossible in DotA2. What you're probably experiencing is that Pudge is unpaused only after the hooked hero is unpaused, so with his long casting point of dismember he's unable to dismember before enemies can stun him or blink away. It's a harsh nerf to Pudge which needs to be fixed.

    Repro to see that he's paused(-->unable to use commands) during the entire hook movement:
    1.) Buy forcestaff on pudge
    2.) Hook and spam forcestaff hotkey
    Expected: Pudge forcestaffs himself (thus you know he's able to use stuff because forcestaff has zero casting point) before the hook reaches maximum range.
    What really happens in DotA2: Pudge uses his Hook and is unable to use anything and only after the hook is completely back will he use the forcestaff ---> Pudge is paused/stunned during the ENTIRE duration of Hook.
    ---> Not the same as in DotA1.

    The problem here is obviously that as a result he cannot cast Dismember during the hook as before and thus is unable to dismember before stuns/blinks occur due to the high casting point of Dismember.

    Means to fix it:
    Either make Pudge be able to move and thus use forcestaff, curve hooks slighlty (we're talking really really subtely) and issue dismember before the target arrives OR reduce casting point of Dismember.