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Butterflies! Butterflies everywhere!

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  • Butterflies! Butterflies everywhere!

    idk how it happened, but it did happen...

    Butterflies love me!

  • #2
    lol, funny glitch.

    i like how this idiot asks you to leave, i guess he doesn't know about abandonment system?


    • #3
      you stood there taking screenshots for 7 minutes? Anyway, I wouldn't mind this being added as a weather effect. -butterflymatingseason


      • #4
        Originally posted by whistle View Post
        you stood there taking screenshots for 7 minutes? Anyway, I wouldn't mind this being added as a weather effect. -butterflymatingseason
        I couldn't move at all (had like 10-30 seconds delay) because of the massive amount of butterflies flying on my screen... I only showed you 3 pictures, but the whole map looked like this.

        Also I tried to solve it by reconnecting, but it didn't work... thats why it took me 7 minutes to make a screenshot.


        • #5
          that's actually cool lol
          I hate people that put their Rig specs in the signature. This is not!
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            "Anyway, I wouldn't mind this being added as a weather effect. -butterflymatingseason" [2]

            Funny bug.
            Since lots of butterflies = lots of new rendering objects = lag, this isn't good...


            • #7
              I've had this as well. Get massive delay every 15-20 games even though ping is fine and fps isn't bad. Doesn't matter how many times I restart the game, they're always there and it makes that game unplayable. Can't even communicate with my team because the chat will be on a 30 second delay.

              And every time it happens there's a billion bugs. It was the first thing I noticed.

              It will stay that way for the rest of the game, making it unplayable, but the very next game everything is fine again.

              It's a pain in the ass. I've had 2 abandons because of it and a bunch of pointless losses.
              Competitive gaming blog? I have written a Dark Souls Let's Play longer than the longest LotR book.


              • #8
                Happened to me again last night, and this time I made sure to record it.

                As you can see, there is a solid 3-5 second delay along with periodic freezing, and this is despite both my ping and fps being reasonable. When I type things into chat it shows up 30 seconds later or not at all.

                Strangely, this only lasts for a single game. The next game will be perfectly fine. And my chat in the normal lobby isn't lagged at all, either.

                xp sp3
                gtx 460
                i5 760 2.80ghz
                4 gigs ram

                This has happened to me more than a dozen times, and each is pretty much an guaranteed loss or abandon. Anyone have any ideas?
                Competitive gaming blog? I have written a Dark Souls Let's Play longer than the longest LotR book.


                • #9
                  happened to me once in awhile, but only when im playing on eu/us servers where my ping is 300+. doesnt affect my fps much tho.


                  • #10
                    Most likely over-the-top lag. At least Valve will look into it now that multiple users have had this problem.