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Many broken cosmetic items and more

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    BUG № 11-FIXED
    BUG № 13-FIXED
    BUG № 15-FIXED
    BUG № 38-FIXED
    BUG № 41-FIXED
    BUG № 57-FIXED
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      add-on for bug 61
      . [Tiny] All of his sets have lost particle effects on the first three forms. Immortal set "Majesty of the Colossus" , "Frostmoot" and "Ancient Inheritance".

      Below the strip are the particle effects that only remained on the fourth form of the hero.
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      • #48
        [Legion Commander] Hero's silhouette is incorrect during teleportation if Arcana is equipped.

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        • #49
          73. Silencer's hero frame is getting bugged when head slot immortal (Dam'arakan Muzzle) is equipped along with the last TI's immortal shield (Aspect of Oscilla).
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          • #50
            74.[Earthshaker] Two problems with the "Gambits of Nishai Pauldrons" bracers, in combination with Arcana.
            • Right hand - the texture of the bracer falls into the texture of the hand.
            • Left hand - particles of the glow remain, which should not be.



            • #51
              75. [Axe] Red Mist Reaper's Tattoo have weird textures
              You do not have permission to view this gallery.
              This gallery has 1 photos.


              • #52
                The centres of the Aegises on the "Immortal Gardens" terrain have been broken. Standard and seasonal landscapes have the same problem.
                77.[Landscape] Immortal "Reef's Edge".
                • A lot of plants are in the air, where the river is, before this was not. There must be soil under these plants.
                • Also, the runes on the river lost their platforms.
                • Roshan's pit is not as pretty as it used to be.

                78.[Landscape] Immortal "Sanctums of the Divine". Previously, all turquoise trees were on turquoise crystals. Now some of them are mixed up.

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                • #53
                  upd bug №24. [Axe] "Blood Chaser". The original effects have returned, but the weapon itself is now broken externally, as well as it breaks the immortal cloak.

                  "Demon Blood Armor".Shoulders from the same set now give a ghostly appearance to the hero for some reason.

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                  • #54
                    upd bug №10. [Legion Commander] H
                    air "Helm of Desolate Conquest" fixed in style 1, but not fixed in style 2

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                    • #55
                      BUG № 27.[SVEN]-FIXED
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                      • #56
                        79.[Snapfire] Her face animations disappeared after the release of the "Desert Burn" immortal set.

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                        • #57
                          80.[Templar Assassin] "Blades of the Loyal Fold" left hand loses its glow when "Charming Assassins Curls" is equipped.

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                          • #58
                            [Shadow Fiend] "Souls Tyrant Shoulder"+Taunt / "Souls Tyrant Shoulder"+Immortal "Arms of Desolation".
                            Particles of the shoulders are stretched across the screen near the hero if a taunt or a unique animation of the immortal hands is playing.

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                            • #59
                              Valve never care about this kind of bug, they just keep release new Sets, i 've been report some of bug on this thread since 2 years ago and they keep said "we don't have fix for you now"


                              • #60
                                [Undying] Taunt does not work if "Phalanx of the Fallen Spear Golem" is equipped.

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