When the matchmaking is done, usually it shows an "Accept/Decline" prompt to continue into the game. But this does not happen. Instead, it only shows the "Confirming match" dialogue at the bottom right corner. Then after some time, I am getting a time penalty for not accepting the match. This happened many times in the past few months.

When I start up Dota 2 game, there are some weird things happening on the landing screen.
  1. Ranking becomes uncalibrated.
  2. The current guild disappears as if they have kicked me.
  3. Most of the stats in the profile look empty
  4. All customisation in the profile is reset.
These behaviours get back to normal after 10-15 minutes. Once these behaviours get normal, the main issue mentioned about matchmaking also gets resolved without any particular fix.

Possible Bug:
The data required for the matchmaking is not retrieved on time at the startup of dota2.exe. This is one theory that can explain all the above problems. It gets resolved once the data is received from the server. I have tested my network for speed or latency issue and no issues found. I usually play dota2 in SE & India server at 40-60 ms ping and 180-240 fps since 2016. Hence this is nothing related to my machine or network.

Possible Fix:
The data fetching module needs some polishing on data verification and blocks the activities which require the data. This may affect UX on the landing screen. But this issue is not a daily problem. But when it happens, it creates other problems.