Chaos Bolt currently has a screen shake effect attached to the endcap effect of the projectile. This screen shake is only applied to players who have the spell target selected as the projectile hits it.

This means usually, only the targeted enemy gets their screen shaked.

Why is this redundant? Because the fact that you get stunned already causes your screen to shake. The projectile's screen shake is a second shake on top of that.

Why is this relevant? Because currently, if you avoid the projectile's effects (and therefore the screen shake of the stun, since it does not get applied) by e.g. turning spell immune, invulnerable or hidden before impact, or by blocking it with Linken's Sphere, your screen will shake anyway. However, when disjointing the projectile, the screen shake is not applied.

Therefore: The screens hake of Chaos Bolt should be removed because:
* The stun already causes a screens hake, the bolt's own shake does not add anything here (since it affects the target only)
* The shake gives the wrong impression of being hit by the bolt, even when its effects were avoided

Removing this only requires removing one tick from a box in the chaos_knight_chaos_bolt_explosion.vpcf file.