today got lot of visual glich. i was near tower and every 2nd hit what did tower i didnt see it hiting, but enemy creep hp went down he hiting invisable nuke.
sometimes i cant see my own attack animation...
and i had some problems whis weaver today 1. i killed roshan and was fight in roshan pit i died instantly but had aegis after i respawn they again fast lower my hp but i pop up my ulti but after ulti i had like 50 hp or less and in that game i didnt see sometimes gold from creep i get or not? becouse i was only 1 who att creep but didnt show that i got gold. and last is that i sometimes cant see text what killed what or roshan was killed or who take aegis. 1time had roshan killed aegis picked but didnt had text what picked..
And the swarm skill animation cant see sometimes to just vision runing that direction but cant see swarms