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Strange fog glitch most likely caused by PL's death

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  • Strange fog glitch most likely caused by PL's death

    I'm playing the normal dota2 version (not the test version).
    Today I encounterd a strange glitch that occured 3 times in one game. Our team was bad and many heroes died often, but I think the glitch was always triggered by PL's death (and maybe was exclusive to my low-end PC, every setting on off/low but model-quality).

    The glitch consisted of white fog slowly covering every building and terrain but only at the part of the map my screen was positioned at (The edges of the fog occured after moving my screen/the camera). After around 5 seconds the fog dissapeared again.

    Here is a screenshot of the glitch:

    P.S.: in the screenshot you can also see that the additional armor value (the green number) is written over a stone of the GUI and isn't in the designated black area where all the other numbers are located in.
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    Hello, I have a low-end PC, but I play on medium settings. Maybe if you slightly increased a few settings the glitch would go away? I'm not sure as to what specifically your problem is, but PL has been prone to more bugs than many other heroes. Was PL using illusions during this time? Was he alone? I hope that messing aroung in your video settings will fix this bug. Also, has this happened multiple times?


    EDIT: I re-read your post and saw that it had happened three times in one game, but what I mean is has this happened out of just that one game?


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      I only played 4 Dota2 games on my PC so far and in only one game I saw a PL. This bug really isn't a big problem as everything remains visible and the glitch only exists for about 5seconds. It didn't happen on every PL-death either. As far as I remember PL was using illusions (and maybe more spells) and was dying after a few heroes already died around him. Then again I am not really sure that PL is causing this bug (as nearly everytime this bug ouccured our complete team got wiped out by the complete other team). I'm just guessing this, because it happened those 3 times shortly after PL died in the teamwipe.

      My main motivation for posting this, isn't due to the gameplayproblems I had because of this bug, but to help fixing glitches by pointing them out.

      Then again I'm thankful for your tips to circumvent such glitches, I just won't fiddle around with my settings as this glitch wasn't a big problem for me to begin with (additionally I just have an accaptable frame-rate with those settings I use).

      regards DA_Maz