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Continuous Screenshoting causes low FPS

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  • Continuous Screenshoting causes low FPS

    Today and yesterday, for the first ten-fifteen minutes of each game, my FPS is choppy and uneven. I looked into the console, and the command 'Wrote 'screenshots/dotaXXXX': 6.22 MB (1920x1080) compressed (quality 90) to XXX.kb' was repeating over and over. F12 or any other keys that might prompt a screenshot were not stuck; nor do the screenshots show up in my Steam library. Any ideas on what might be causing this and/or how to disable the function so as to restore my normal FPS?


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    Edit: I found all the screenshots (all 1,717 of them) in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\screenshots. I'm going to try renaming that directory and see if that ends the issue. Even if it does, I'm pretty sure there's some wonky bit of code that's causing DotA 2 to continuously take screencaps.


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      check your autoexec.cfg file, that might be the problem.
      Originally posted by vodyara
      Please do not let this turn into TF2, the TF2 trading community is absolutely cancerous. They do not care about the game, they just want items.
      Some of my (awesome) suggestions :
      - Left4Dead/Portal 2 style voice command
      - Music Transitions depending on area and time
      - Show full item recipe tree without opening shop menu


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        My autoexec.cfg looks like this:

        con_enable "1"
        r_renderoverlayfragment "0"
        r_threaded_shadow_clip "1"
        mat_queue_mode "2"
        cl_interp_ratio "1"
        cl_interp "0.025"
        cl_cmdrate "40"
        cl_updaterate "40"
        cl_smooth "0"
        cl_threaded_bone_setup "1"
        cl_threaded_init "1"
        r_queued_decals "1"
        r_queued_post_processing "1"
        fps_max "60"
        net_maxcleartime "0"
        mem_level "0"
        gpu_level "0"
        gpu_mem_level "0"
        cpu_level "0"
        cl_cmdrate 66
        cl_interp 0.0152
        cl_interp_ratio 1
        cl_lagcompensation 1
        cl_pred_optimize 2
        cl_smooth 0
        cl_smoothtime 0.01
        cl_updaterate 66
        rate 60000
        cl_showfps 0
        cl_forcepreload 1
        sv_forcepreload 1
        snd_mix_async 1

        What in there would prompt the game to take continuous screenshots?


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          go to
          <dota2 beta default>\\dota\cfg

          open up config.cfg with notepad++ (for readability)

          search that command and remove it
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