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Missing visual effects on almost every hero,(is fixed when they die for the 1st time)

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  • Missing visual effects on almost every hero,(is fixed when they die for the 1st time)

    I basically posted this a few months back, but i have this problem where some certain effects are missing from heroes. They are always the same. For example morphlings little bubbly wave under his "feet"? and the wave effects on his shoulders/back, its just all missing, morphling looks like a plastic stick. Broken vs Fixed Its pretty much the same with enigma and spectre(she even is missing her weapon) And they sort of reappear after they die once and stay fixed, but before that, some heroes look like bullshit, its just terrible.
    These sometimes annoy me a lot, since sometimes, some of them like die the 1st time on the 20 or even 30min mark if they play really safe. As i said, i posted this a while ago, but i had noone help me. Searching the gallery of common visual glitches also didn't give any response.
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    I can confirm this, happens to me every game as well; although a death does not fix it.
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      This has been happening to me for ages as well, is rather depressing whenever I'm in a game with a morphling/enigma etc. Even the trail that is left by Chaos Knight doesn't work for me most of the time.


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        Glad to see im not the only one with the issue.



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          bump! ?


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            I too suffer from this glitch. It appears to be a particle effects problem, and while it did not actively affect my gameplay experience a huge amount until now, the addition of Io the Wisp has meant that I will have issues seeing him in games which he plays as he become almost invisible!
            Like others, my problem is fixed when these heroes die for the first time but that does not solve the issue completely.


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              I've had the same problem, but it did not bother me until now. Because of this glitch, wisp is completely invisible to me. I can't see ANY of her particle effects, only her transparent tendrils. This makes it impossible for me to play against her. I hope that the others that have posted here can give an update and tell me if they can see her or not. I better not be the only one with this gamebreaking bug.

              Edit: Started a second game, and her particles are working correctly now. Not sure what caused her to be invisible, but it happens occasionally.
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                Been happening to me for months. All gfx settings at max. My card is a Radeon HD 4870. For heroes other than Wisp, it doesn't matter much, but it makes Wisp impossible to play as/with/against. I've attacked my DxDiag:



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                  here's a picture of wisp for me, same heroes, same problem, same "fix"


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                    One way of reproducing this glitch is using the "dota_range_display" console command.


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                      Originally posted by Pfanne View Post
                      One way of reproducing this glitch is using the "dota_range_display" console command.
                      That really sucks. I enjoyed having the XP range displayed. I'll take particle effects showing up before first death, though.


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                        thank god, im not the only one with this problem

                        most particle effects start missing at some undefined point of the game. this affects attack animations of ranged heroes like furion but also other particle effects like the "+ money popup" etc.

                        gpu: hd 4870, like fraserofthenight
                        software: win 7 64 pro