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Teammate showing up in wrong position; running in place

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  • Teammate showing up in wrong position; running in place

    2 Consecutive games now, I've had one teammate show up in the wrong position throughout the whole match.

    All the animations - attack, spells, even running still show correctly, except the position (running looks like running in place). Every few seconds the position snaps to where he actually is (looks like he just instantly tps across the map). I do not get vision where the teammate actually is. I do get vision where he appears to be, though I didn't manage to confirm if I actually see stuff like enemy movement there that I wouldn't see otherwise.

    If I cast a spell on that player, my hero moves so that he would be in range of the actual position.

    None of that teammate's cosmetic items show up.

    Both times it was a random player I got matched with. Nobody in my team could confirm this bug and I saw that opponents could see the actual position of the player.
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    Originally posted by DeadlyGrim
    Is a man not entitled to view his own ranking? No says the man at Valve, it belongs to us!

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    Same bug happening to me. Has happened with allied Brewmaster, Huskar, Phantom Assassin, Ursa, and Juggernaut so far. Doesn't always happen though (i.e. during one game I had a jugg and huskar on my team, but only jugg was glitched).

    Will run in place for an inconsistent amount of time (anywhere from 2 to 30 seconds), then teleport position and resume running in place. Hero will show attack animation if they're attacking something, but that won't necessarily teleport them (creating for an amusing image of Huskar farming our jungle from our secret shops by hurling spears across the map). Affected hero only has his base model (no hair, helm, armor, weapons, etc.) visible. Glitch seems visible only by me, not my teammates.

    Match IDs where it has occured for me:
    41098705 (brewmaster)
    41105416 (huskar)
    41347665 (ursa and pa)
    and then a bot game where it happened to jugg

    @yssi: nah, mentioned the heroes who had the visual glitch for me. I was nightstalker in the last game, don't remember the others offhand (my accountname is ZetsubouS).
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      Was gonna post this too. What I noticed in my 2 games that this happened were that the people that were "lagging" in my vision were both color Teal.
      When I played teal I didn't have any problem with my teammates. Hope this helps

      Match IDs:
      41107612 (ds glitched)
      41351866 (gyro glitched)

      *edit: just played another game where I wasn't teal, but glitch didn't appear (Lion was teal then). Glitch seems random?

      @Mentalfly: which hero had the glitch? looking at the ID's I think you mentioned what hero you were using.
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        Having this issue too, only began 2 days ago. The heroes affected vary - it first happened when I was wisp and it affected my hero as well as phantom assassin and sand king, but i just spectated a game where wisp was unaffected but obsidian destroyer, sand king, leshrac, ogre magi and nevermore were affected. Verifying game cache shows no errors, and restarting dota 2 does not fix the bug.

        The heroes are generally frozen and jerk around the map updating their position randomly, with things like attack being the only thing that can tell me their position. When I was wisp and it was bugging I could use the summon spirits spell to let me know of my position, even though my hero showed as being frozen somewhere my spirits would move around an empty circle which was where I actually was in the game. The models appear to be bugged, with most heroes appearing with just their outer shell - PA, sand king and obsidian destroyer for example had no head, and sand king also lacked any feet.

        Its happened in match id's: 41500714, 41018738, 41536440
        Also in some others I spectated.

        Here's what it looks like in game:

        I was also affected by the bug where the game would freeze after 2-3 secs ingame either in own game or spectating, which was posted about on here but has been fixed for me at least. I also have a pretty low end pc and have pretty much all the lowest graphics options. I don't know if that is anything to do with it.
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          I got the exact same problem today and its my 2nd time, this time one of my teammate and my self (a Dazzle) teleported 30-60 second once and both heroes looked like non-head naked. However, other 9 people seems good. So All I can do is buying couriers, wards, smokes and gem for my teammates. We won that match but I got abandoned for 24 hours. I mean, come on, I paid for the game not expecting to get myself abandoned because of game's bugs.

          The match id is 41563396
          And I find that both the game that this bug happened has phantom lancer on my team.

          P.S. I don't think it is our computers' problem. Mine is a high cost Alienware designed for gaming and I turned off all the graph effect even though default is all on while gaming.
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            there also is a thread about this issue in the gameplay bug section in case you need more data:
            Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

            Contributions i'd like to highlight:
            My Suggestion: Coaching System
            My Sticky: Intended Changes List
            My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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              I have also had this problem.
              I once got a message saying my files weren't synched with a cloud... or something like that...
              Hope that helps =)


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                I had same problem. I saw animation of SF walking,using bottle etc. but he was standing in place. I took screenshot of us doing rosh. The attack animation traveled from radiant t2 tower all the way to rosh (hopefully it will upload 1st time posting)