In order to keep this forum from becoming more of a mess than it already is, I created some guidelines you should follow.
This will help the Valve devs have a better overview over the bugs and glitches.

How to post a visual glitch

1.: Use the search in order to find out if your bug has been reported already.
If it has, there is no need to create a new thread. Reposting it in an existing thread with the same issue is okay if you have more information than the old thread already has, for example if you've experienced the same issue with a different ability or hero.
Some problems are reported very often, I'll create a list of the most common issues later.

2.: Describe the bug shortly and precisely, add whatever non-textual information you can.
It doesn't help to write a novel, but the bug report should contain all information necessary.
For visual glitches, Screenshots or even Videos are especially helpful.
Aside from that, you should always include the match ID of the game where the bug occured together with a minute mark if possible.
Reproduction steps help the devs to fix bugs as well.

3. Give the thread a title that actually says something.
Try to find a title that describes the issue shortly and precisely.
Titles like "Visual bug!" are only confusing, not only for the valve devs and me, but also for other people who want to see if a bug they've found has already been reported.

4. Inform about the game version.
This means you should tell if you played the default DotA 2 or the DotA 2 Test version.

Keep threads clear of useless comments

I really don't want to take the fun from you, but some threads get spammed quite a lot.
Please don't make unnecessary posts, try keeping the chatter to a level that helps the developers understand the bug and keeps important posts from disappearing in the mass.
This includes bumping. Don't bump your threads if an issue hasn't been fixed within a few days.


A lot of people keep mixing terms up, so here are the most important ones:

A model is the physical shape of an object, for example a hero.

A skin, or texture, is put on all models. It makes them visible, gives them the coloring and can have some additional effects.

An animation is the movement of a model, nothing more. For example if Kunkka swings his sword, that is an animation.
If a ranged hero attacks, this attack's projectile is NOT the animation, but a...

While this is not a correct word in terms of computer graphics, it is still important for this game.
Projectiles or Missiles are the objects ranged heroes' attacks or certain spells, like Magic Missile, shoot.

Effect means things like particle emitters etc., all the glowing and sparkling stuff.
Examples for that are fires, explosions, lightning effects, ...

If this left any questions open, feel free to write me a message.

Last but not least, thanks for all your reports!
In this phase of development, most bugs that are easy to stop have been fixed, so a large group of testers is the only thing that can really help finding and fixing them.
See you in the game!