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Health bar + hero portraits + missing model

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  • Health bar + hero portraits + missing model

    I was trying Alchemist in a pracitce game with bots (therefore I am unsure if posting it here or in the bot section would be right).
    Anyways when I started the game I noticed the bots did not have portraits on the enemy team.
    1. 2011-11-18_00001.jpg
    2. 2011-11-18_00002.jpg

    After a while I noticed that CM has lost her model.
    1. 2011-11-18_00003.jpg
    2. 2011-11-18_00004.jpg

    Also I noticed that some creeps of mine had a red HP bar.
    1. 2011-11-18_00005.jpg
    2. 2011-11-18_00006.jpg

    Sadly I cannot reproduce these or try to. I have no time right now.
    I hope the screenshot provided are helpful.

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    Yea i have the some problems, but sometimes i dont see hp bars.


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      Similar problems here, happens in both spectator mode and playing games. Creep models are invisible always, some hero models work fine, others are completely invisible, others are half rendered (CM in screen 2). Mousing over any invisible model causes a big 3d ERROR text to pop up instead of the model.

      This is a recent issue, being caused by the patch introducing Alchemist as everything was working fine before then.

      Just a quick footnote: This has essentially made the game unplayable for me, it's not caused by DCing or Lag or alt-tabbing, it's simply how the game is when I try to run it after the recent patch.
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          I was having the problem of not seeing health bars. I resent my resolution, and then changed it back and it was fixed. I have to do this for every game however.


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            Some missing Juggernaut skin. I think the missing hero skin problem is somehow attached to line of sight, because 1 moment it was ok, then he was out of LoS, when he appeared he was like that


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              I have this as well.

     Has two screenshots from a game I just played where opponent Furion lost his model on my end after a minor lag spike I had. Didn't get the incorrect creep team bug this time though. Gotten it other times.