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Custom game improvements

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  • Custom game improvements

    Threshold for failing to load.
    Each game should be able to put a threshold for failed loading players. For example, solo overthrow could put 2 players. That way if 1 or 2 players fails to load, the game continues. This could be customized by the creator of each game or possibly the host.

    Why is a thumbs up and thumb down converted into a 5 star system. It's false specificity. If anything it should be a percentile. And that is still just as useless, just more technically correct.

    This system provides no utility to the game creator and spurious utility to the potential players. Personally, I can be extremely critical of things. If I find a game-breaking bug, I feel like I'm forced to put "needs work". But the game could have been great otherwise. The other side happens plenty too - the game has lots of issues, but people like it. Therefore it get's a thumbs up. Not necessarily bad but not exactly representative.

    I think there should be at least a 5 star system. I'm sure plenty of people would still put just 1 or 5 stars, but for many (myself included) this would be much appreciated. Some pre-made option suggestion options could be beneficial too.
    Such as:
    Do you like this genre of game?
    What is your main complaint about this game?
    Multiple choice answers could include: bugs, not balanced, not enough content, etc.
    Each host could just use these default options, or they could customize their own questions to get the best feedback.

    Suggestion box
    I'm sure this could be abused, but it's all there in the workshop anyway. Why make it difficult for the players to provide feedback to the content creator? At the moment it requires you to click on the workshop page, then find the appropriate forums. This dissuades a lot of useful feedback. Although it could be argued that the barrier to entry would limit troll responses.

    Organize custom games and library.
    Just give us basic file management stuff. Ability to sort by date created, date added to library, last updated, overall rating, personal rating, times played, etc. The rating system would also be beneficial here for organizing your own library.

    The ability to see ratings over certain time periods would be nice as well. A game that was rated 1 or 2 stars that is updated a lot could have many recent 5 star ratings. But the previous ratings would dilute it.

    Date added is essential. Every week or so I try to find new games to play. I end up adding 2-5 games to my library after spending a few minutes reading the about page. I don't end up playing them all at once, since I wait till I have a few buddies on to try them with. Then navigating my library to find these games is very difficult since I don't remember the names.


  • #2
    Good suggestions overall
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE PUNISHMENT SYSTEM ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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      How about punishment for leaving games?
      The most annoying thing is when someone is loosing right at start and leave, or in games where you get random units to choose from if they dont get the randoms they like they also leave without even trying to win.
      Thats so annoying after like 10 minutes of trying to start a game.
      Please make our custom game experience better!