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Devs Please. Fix your matchmaking.

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    Originally posted by CrowZer0 View Post Now here's another reason why I don't want to be matched with parties. The ember had a real "know it all" attitude at start. Fed 0-9.Yes 0-9 wasn't ganked, he tower dived against an invoker etc. Then rage quit. So did the dusa, within 15 mins. Turns out in the end they were partied. We fought on and nearly won. Could have been easily won with 5 man.
    I feel you, but that's an unranked game. Even in ranked games at 5k you get one guy that has had more than enough an abandons once he sees he's losing hard, but that kind of shit is unpredictable. How can you predict one guy is going to abandon and feed? The only data they have is how well they fared versus opponents of same caliber. That's all. Tell me how valve can predict it then? If it abandons he gets low priority (and people are already whining like hell about it being too punishing).

    Try playing ranked, try improving your rating and the average game will get better.

    @Evilusername I would also like to see a solo queue return. IMO Parties have no place in ranked. Ranked should be for solo only, if you wanna party you go unranked and that's it. Anyway party rating means shit to everyone.


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      Originally posted by Fenivan View Post
      I gotta agree with CrowZer0, I have like 2k games in total and It's really frustrating when I see that same ignored guy (from my side) keep getting matched with me and ruining games.

      Mute system is kinda like "bad player system" to me as i mostly mute bad players, feeders, trolls, leavers and I really don't want to play with them in future....
      Valve should consider to add some kind of system where if you ignore player you never get matched with them again. I know that would make finding match longer but It's certenly better.
      Do you realize how retarded and unbalanced the matchmaking would be then? Because everyone loves dodging every mate they found playing bad. And that's more than half of the playing we encounter let's be honest. If the matchmaking helps every player dodge, then they would be forced to widen the rating range in order to find appropriate players (cause all players of same rating dodged each other d'uh), leading to game with 1k rating difference between players (atleast). And good luck playing that kind of shit.
      We don't need that, we need maybe an incentive to good behavior, or some instant punishing for players with toxic attitude, but since everyone is reporting everyone for anything I doubt that would work. It's just the human nature that works against us.

      What can you do in the current situation:
      1) Gather friends and party as 5 (add people you enjoyed playing with and invite them)
      2) Play solo ranked if you wanna get better, quality of games increases with rating, but it's only an average, bad games are everywhere.


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        Originally posted by p1n9v1n View Post
        Mate, noone wants to listen your cry about bad teammates, if u have good suggestion about fixing MM please tell us.
        Describe in detail every mistake in MM, and your suggestions how to fix it.
        You know "mate" i think there is not really much left to do than cry,because nothing will really you and your "good suggestions" can go fuck yourselves

        12-14-2013, 08:49 PM
        776 replies

        01-24-2013, 01:48 AM
        1446 replies

        Since 2013 when those threads were made,Valve has made 0 effort to make matchmaking better.


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          Originally posted by CrowZer0 View Post
          I want to be able to ignore someone and never be matched with them again.

          I don't want to be matched with after I have reported them. After they are toxic. After I have ignored them. What is the point when I'm matched up and they just start toxicity all over again? And I'm wondering did my report even do anything?

          it happen to me . i don't want to play with this feeder who aparently was already muted...
          and in our game he start feed again... WHY NO BAN HAMMER.?

          feeding the enemy with couriers in dota2 on purpose
          match ID:1910369655

          i'm starting to think that the only way to get attention on the matter is to Start feeding myself.. again and again... until valve does something. maybe set a date where everyone feeds, and advertise this ideea on Twitter or facebook,

          U CANNOT COMPREHEND HAD DAMAGING these FEEDERS are.. and u can't tell me tat buying couriers and sending them to the enemy.. is just noob play.. it's feeding just look at the replay
          Last edited by ultraro; 11-02-2015, 06:51 PM. Reason: VALVE DOING NOTHING TO MAKE THE GAIME FAIR